New to GC, dry in NC

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by militletokyo, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone, Im super stoked to have joined this forum. I have seen this on google a million times and researched nugs here but never joined. Glad I did. I just moved to North Carolina and am located in High Point (hahah imagine that). Anyways, I came from Arizona and had killer hookups. Unfortanally, I have yet to find some buds here in NC. If you could help me, your reply to this post would more than appreciated. Thanks!!!
  2. Welcome to The City militletokyo...But Please Re-Read The Rules...Looking and Asking for Hookups is not Allowed in The City and Bannable for doing so..Please Don't do it Again.
  3. I live in NC. If you were closer to Raleigh id probably try to help you out but High Point is a long ways away. And trust me, its never dry. Its all about who you know.
  4. Definitely never dry in NC, There's always your mexi-schwag around, or your homegrown dankness. Just gotta know the right people. -336 here, Im less than 30 minutes from you.
  5. there is tons of weed in NC. A lot of people grow up there.

    What I did when I was stuck up therre was went to a dead cover show and made friends.

    Ended up making buddies I still have..

    ASking around doesnt get you far because they just isnt much street sales up there and the brothers seem to keep to themselves.

    If all else fails, go to Be Here Now in Asheville, say you know a guy that has a monkey that knows a guy that said they were cool. :wave:

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