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  1. Yo Grass City peeps, whats up? Im new to the community and was wondering if anyone else is from Maine? or New England... anyways blaze on!:smoke: peace!
  2. I'm new to to GC as well. I move to Maine after college and lived there for several years. Portland is a wonderful town, some of the best restaurants I've ever seen in a small city. Living near Burlington, Vermont now, and it's nice here, but in my early 30s and don't know many folks so finding it more difficult to meet fellow smokers than it was when I lived in Maine.

    I also really like Southwest Harbor during the summer. Had some friends who used to work up there and it was always good times heading up there for a weekend.
  3. Yeah maine is very toker friendly for some reason. Ever been to Bar Harbor? Flipin sweet place to visit while stoned, they have a shop called the hemporium, everything they sell is made from hemp, the also have some glass for sale, no to mention the amazing sunrise from the top of cadilac mountin!
  4. Heya - plenty of New Englanders here - always good to see another one.
  5. welcome.

    so you're from portland?
  6. I actually live in Winterport about 15 minutes from Bangor. its a cool place to live almost no cops.
  7. Welcome! I'm originally from Bangor :wave:

    I live in Vermont now, but I'll always be a Mainer... I have lots of family there. Bar Harbor is one of my favorite places, and so is Baxter State Park in the north.
  8. Ive only been to baxter once or twice, fun times though. I really want to go again someday, glad to see so many new englanders on here
  9. Welcome....... from Texas!
  10. Hey Texas thanks for the welcome:wave:
  11. welcome to the city
  12. Thanks for the welcome overgrow!:wave:

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