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New to GC and

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jesto, May 25, 2010.

  1. just wanted to introduce myself. hey guys. im jesto. this si the first time i've posted so. be kind.

    Just wondering what GC's view on graffiti was. Not trashy graffiti. I mean throw-ups(bubble writing, pieces(complex and colourful)

    just interested what you all think
  2. To me graffiti is horrible, all of it. I'm a bit of an art historian so i'd much prefer to appreciate real art than looking at what as essentially scribbles on property that doesn't belong to the artist.
    But that's just my opinion and to each their own.

  3. ill admit, iveseen a lot of bad say it isnt "real art" i think is ridiculous...there is no such thing as "real" art...obviously you have never seen well done grafiti it is amazing and you can tell the people are very talented at what they do...this is like the people who say tattoos arent art its ridiculous...i think tattooing is one of the greatest art forms...just my opinion but i think it takes a lot more talent than some of that modern art bullshit like a canvas half red, and half blue...thats called coloring yet shit like this exists in so many art museums when graffiti and tattooing are both very intricate and unique art forms
  4. when i was 15 i did a lot of graffiti not good pieces but now i prefer to spend my money on weed than spray cans
  5. But I don't even view 'modern' art in many cases as art, nowadays it has simply become the bullshit meaning that an artist gives to a blank canvas or whatever, i'm much more talking about pre 20th century art.
    And I have seen 'good' graffiti before, I live in the city Banksy operates in, i've got a couple of his things within 5 minute walks of my house, but still I think that all graffiti is is people trying to immortalise their names (because they can't achieve it through any other means) by drawing on a wall. Also the idea of doing something like that on someone else's property is the key stumbling block. I put graffiti, if it's done on a specified graffiti wall or canvas etc, in the same group as modern art, not particularly skilful and pretty hideous in looks, although how something looks is my opinion only to be fair.

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