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  1. Hi all at GC! I live in Scotland (lat 55.9N) and was looking to do an out out door grow next season (2015) but I'm not sure if any of these strains will finish here. The strains I am doing are -

    FS purple maroc (fem) x1
    BF L.S.D. (fem) x1
    BF vanilla kush (fem) x2
    KC B brains choice (reg) x1
    KC B mango (reg) x1
    Auto pounder with cheese (fem) x1
    And a load of bagseed from different bits of weed I've had x29

    All of the seeds I have bought are stated to finish around end sept - beginning of Oct but because I'm so far north I don't know if they will :(

    Also I'm struggling to find a decent guerilla spot aswell as there isn't much woodland where I am and alot of open farmland and hills. There is a couple of spots I've checked out but get the feeling it's not well hidden enough.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Start your grow indoors under lights 30 - 45 days before you can safely plant outdoors. After 40 - 55 days outside lollipop them , then again 30 days later. Keeps them short , less visible . Good luck !
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    My friend has a dual spectrum 125 watt CFL bulb that I can borrow from him would that be good enough to start them off?

    I've done topping before but never done lollipopping. Could you explain how to do that because height will be a serious problem if not kept under control.

    But the main thing I'm worried about is will the plants finish in time because we start getting bad weather here around October Which is around the time the plants are stated to finish :(
  4. Alright bud. I'm a bit further north than you and any time I've done outdoors, I've always went with seeds from Denmark.. Similar latitude to Caledonia and there's some dudes over there who know whassup ;).. Best to be prepping a plot around about this time of year I'd say so its good to go for next spring. 
    You really should look out a cushty, secure grow spot. Up here in the Highlands there's nae one about.. And it's Scotland man.. There's nae one about anyway. Even if means is somewhere you can only visit a few times per growing season.
    Like the Blade up says, probably best to start the seedling off inside then acclimatize them to the conditions. If they get a secure foothold, don't worry about the weather or cold snaps (I've seen folk knocking snow off plants up in the NorthWest).
    All best to ya.  :bongin:
  5. Alright mate, that's a relief lol if your further north and can pull some bud down at the end of the year then hopefully I can get something come harvest time :)

    I've seen a few people on here talking about Danish strains but never been able to find a site that stocks them. I'm just hoping the.strains I've got will finish in time.

    As for the spot I've got one so far and have been out and about looking for a second site. I found a nice clearing in some pine trees but I've been told that soil around pine trees has an acidic ph. But I'll keep looking around.

    I thought that plants died when it got cold but now I've been told this puts my mind at ease haha.

    Thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind :)
  6. Yeah central scotland mate
  7. Has anyone grown and had any success with the strains I've got?

    Don't want to put all the effort in for mouldy bud lol

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