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  1. I am fixing to move in my own house, and the prices and quiality of reffer around my town is crap, i was wanting to get a little information on what all i need to start a few plants such as seeds,lighting,soil,nutrients etc.

  2. seeds : search for attitude seed bank, buy from them, USE FEM SEEDS
    lighting : depends on how big u want to go, i suggest a 400 watt HPS/MH system, or if u wanna go smaller, go smaller, if u wanna go big, go biggggg.
    soil : foxfarms is the best, but if u cant get to that, make ur own, OR BUY PLAIN SOIL AND FERT IT YOURSELF, DO NOT BUY MIRACLE GROW!

    someone else can finish for me, i needa get hiiiigh
  3. Alright so what fert should i use if i just make my own soil my dad was a recent grower he was a member of overgrow, but he doesnt want to teach his son he told me to learn on my own so thats what im going to do.

  4. oh good shit.
    atleast hes lettin you learn how


    if u got $, i can post all the links u need .
    if ur on a lil budget, i can tell u where 2 get cheaper shit at ect
    lmk what ur tryin to do
    whats ur budget ?
    how big or small u wanna go ?
  5. Truthfully man i have about 1000 dollars to spend idk if thats a high budget or a low, i want to produce a good ammount because i smoke alot and i have a few friends who smoke alot with me, but i am not gonna let anyone know what i am doing on my own time because i am moving in the house by myself.

  6. good shit
    u can def do alot with $1000

    how much u tryna get per harvest ?

    i expect about 2 OZ's from each of my plants, all 3 in soil, under 400w HPS ..
    veg'd for 1 month
    been flowering 5-ish weeks

    lets break it down again i guess :

    LIGHTS : buy a MH/HPS switchable system, dont go any lower than 400w UNLESS u only have a tiny grow area, and only want a plant, maybe 2.
    400w/600w/1000w are the most popular
    400w - about 4 plants
    600w - about 6 plants
    1000w *IN A LARGE ENOUGH AREA* - about 12-20 plants
    when i say about , i mean give or take a plantt or two, depends on what strains, grow area size, growing methods(soil or hydro) ect

    use soil for your first grow

    put em in atleast 5 gallon buckets (if u have the room, 3 gallon will work)

    High Tech Garden Supply
    ^ get your lights/soil/nutes/basically EVERYTHING but your seeds from here

    it would be better if u could drive to a hydroponics store in your area, u get the shit cheaper, and u can assk questions to the dudes too ..
    but if u feel safer buying on the internet, go for it.
  7. High Tech Garden Supply

    shit mayn

    check out that link, u can buy complete setups, including the damn tent to grow it in, u can move it where ever u want in ur house/garage, where ever.
  8. i have a pretty large grow area, im wanting to keep it in my room probably in my closet so no one else can see it, i was thinking somewhere around 4 or 5 plants i am going to research around my side of town and see if i have a store i could go to if not i will go to the site you posted, i already looked on the seed site, but there are so many im not really sure what i wanna grow, i like a sativa high and a high yeild, what do you sugggest?
  9. what do you think about this one?

    High Tech Garden Supply

    sounds excatly what you where talking about for 4 plants.

  10. very nice.
    verrrry nice.

    a 400w light WILL do 4 plants(maybe more?).. IFFFF you have the room.
    i put a 400w in a closet, thinking i could fit 4 plants in there ... well .. i could fit 4 buckets in there, but plants grow big lol, i only had room for 3 after 60 days. i harvested one, and left the other 3 to grow .. the one i harvested was an autoflowering plant, and it was ready.

    so make sure, whatever size light you get, make sure u got the room for the plants..

    if u wanted to, u could grow 4 * plants under a 1000w system, which doesnt really cost that much extra, and get ALOT more weight from them in the long run.
    1000w / 4 plants > 400w / 4 plants
    you'll prolly get double the amount of green than u would using a 400w system.

    like iv said before, its all about how much $ u got to spend, and how big of an area u got to grow in, and how big/small you want to do it.
  11. alright yeah i was reading on another post a guy was growing 6 under 1000w and was getting a lb a month of sativa, indica from what ive read is heavier but like i said i dont like to be lazy i like to be up and doing shit i guess thats why i like sativa more, what kinda seeds do you suggest to grow and before i start ordering shit im gonna get everything moved in my house and check out the area i have to grow in,

  12. seeds ...
    i picked cheapest/highest yield/coolest name (LOLOLOL)
    do the "PICK AND MIX" seeds (on the attitude website, u can buy 1 seed at a time, no need 2 buy a 10 pack)

    goto this link here : Seed Banks - Forums
    itss the seed bank section, they talk alot about strains/seeds/seedbanks

    post something asking what they suggest
    tell them its your first grow, ect
    and what kinda high u like, ect ect.

    im a noob myself
    im just telling u what i know
  13. Alright man, i appericate your help im gonna see what i can't find out about a few things i posted a thread over in that forum.

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