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  1. hahaha the site n drugs n all that. ive toked up once w/ my friend on the shittiest schwagg uve ever seen. didnt get me high at all, which was good, cuz we got caught later!! so yeah, i have asthma so i was wondereing if ne one else who has is fine wat with smoking riaches all day or w/e. if ifs that bad for me, im going to make a vaporizor myself!lots of ppl think im a stoner cuz i am always relaxed n forget things easily hahaha
  2. Yea i have asthma too i smoke on average like once a week and i get asthma tests like every 3 months and so far it hasnt effected my breathing at all i actually am improving on my lung tests wich is wierd cuz i have been smoking alot latley
  3. Be careful bro. Once weed becomes a habit in your life, it gets real tough to get off the stuff, regardless of what anyone here says. It can really, really change your life in ways you can't really imagine or even recognize until it's become a big problem. Most on this forum would have you believe it's a zero risk drug, impossible to abuse. Remember, you are on a marijuana forum. The people here are mostly stoners, not representative of the greater population. Do not use this site (or your stoner friends) as a reference point for acceptable drug use.
  4. definitely a bad idea to smoke with asthma make edibles or buy a vaporizer those light bulb vaporizers are probably unsafe and are basically a meth pipe
  5. im going to make a vaporizor that may actually work:

    A simpler and safer version:
    - Go to Walmart and buy a small pot with a glass lid and a 1/4" steam-release hole in the top.
    - Go to a hardware store and buy a 2' length of 1/4" silicon/latex tubing, and a couple of brass fittings: One double-ended male-male joiner (for a mouthpiece) and another 1/4" female to 1/8" male to stick in the hole of the lid.
    - Total damage: @ $20
    Put a little herb on the bottom of the pot, cover, and heat on low until vapourization.

    thats the instructions i got lol
  6. jeez u seem antiweed but w/e, thats a bit strange. ud be suprised at how responsibvle i am. i know i knt prove it to u or anything, but if i start to feel that the ambitions and creativeness is leaving and not cumming;) then ill stop for a while n just be normal, i have no problem w/ that, n im smart enough not to try the harder drugs
  7. my homie has asthma and its pretty bad. He carries his inhaler everywhere nd we smoke bud on a daily basis.. he claims that his asthma nd shit dont really act up any mor.
    its those herbs that are curing him ahah.:smoke:
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    what'd you say all that stuff for man??? :confused:

    ..there isn't a shred of truth in it!
  9. I used to have asthma bad, then it started getting better about the time i started toking about 3 or so years ago, and now i dont have asthma at all anymore...

  10. He's giving you really good advice that I wish I knew when I was just starting out. It's not physically addicting, there isn't any withdrawal, but it can be psychologically addicting (but so can chocolate, sex, Five Alive [mmmm Five Alive] etc.) If you find yourself buying a quarter to last you a week and you smoke most of it in a day, you're probably psychologically addicted.

    And don't automatically rule out all "hard" drugs ;). I'm not necessarily advocating them but do your own research on psychedelics and decide if they're right for you, they certainly won't kill you.
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    I'm not anti-weed, I just figured I'd throw out some advice to a fresh smoker. I also believe, that for someone new to smoking (and even more experienced smokers) it is easy to lose sight of how your blazing is effecting you when you are surrounded by primarily other stoners, such as on this site or in real life.

    When I first started smoking, I was absolutely confident in my ability to regulate my use. I came in to a large supply of weed (a little more than an ounce) and at first I held myself to smoking just once every other day. Soon enough, I was smoking once ever night, and then twice a night.

    About a year after that I was buying a dime almost everyday, and smoking it all largely to myself. At this point, I was smoking pretty much whenever I had the opportunity during the day, and constantly at night. It became impossible for me to sleep or eat without smoking (I'd call that physical addiction, albeit mild). I smoked like this my first 2 years of college, with maybe a day or two missed here and there.

    I'm going in to my junior year of college this fall. I've worked quite hard to cut my smoking back to just the weekends over the last few months, and I'll stick to that.

    I used to agree with 99% of the posters on this board that weed had no negative impacts. It took a few weeks of sobriety for me to really appreciate all the harm it had been doing me. I'm glad I realized it now rather than 30 years from now.

    Note: This does not apply to all you six figure earning 1/4 a day toking stoners. You are obviously a different breed than I.
  12. oh by hard drugs i usually mean like crack or heroine. but shrooms and acid kind of intrigue me. dmt anybody?

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