New to E-Cigs, what E-Cig to buy?

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  1. I'm extremely new to E-Cigs, and I'm wondering what type of E-Cig I should buy. I'm mainly just looking to make huge clouds, because it looks fun. I've got about 100$ to spend right now, but I could probably bump that up a significant amount if needed. Any recommendations please?
  2. is that $100 just for hardware or do you need it for juice as well?
    you're coming in at a decent time, good shit is pretty cheap compared to even a year ago.
  3. I spent 60$ for a 4500mah, 4.2v -40A batteryax wattage 100watts lowest resistance is 0.1ohms .
    25$ for my Rebuild able Drip Atomizer, RDA. Tanks wont give you the clouds you want. RDA will.
    The cool thing about RDA is I can rebuild it for 10cents or less. Vs tanks wich cost 2-4$ per coil repkasment.
    I wouldn't spend over 100$ for a good ecig tho

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  4. Just hardware
  5. alright. any preference to size/shape?
  6. If you're not a smoker of nicotine I would say stay as far away as possible unless you're getting nicotine free or THC juice don't do it. Most guys don't know this but smoking cigarettes shrinks your dick over time.
  7. I bought V2 for 60 bucks and it did help me to quit smiling after 4 months. It was quite small black colored. I didn’t fill it with juices because it is not tasty for me at all. Maybe now this brand has newer ones.
  8. Rx200 and whatever rda you want with fused Claptons.
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    This is up the road that i think your looking for.:yay:
  10. hi,recommend AIO for new vapers.

    joyetech ego aio and
    kanger cupti will be good options


  11. [​IMG]

    decent, cheap mod. if you start with a cheap pen, will only regret it in a few weeks and end up spending money to upgrade. can also get a cheap tank with replaceable coils. if you are very new, dont want to start out building your own coils and all that. will have plenty left over for some ejuice too.
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  12. You want to spend $100 to "blow huge clouds"

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  13. What about someone who hasnt looked at buying a new ecig in years but all his egos and tanks are dieing ?
    And for me the old basic smoktech tube (forgot name) and org small eleaf with like a smoktech GBC was always plenty.
    Between head injuries getting to me where its hard to be o a comp much and the sea of vendors and subohm shit i dont know where to turn. I did get a natulas mini without coils i havent tried, and have a subx that I cant use (not sure if that has reasonable coils available)

    so long and short of my ramblings of a broken mind
    I am looking for a reasonable vendor here or overseas i can get a good deal on a few things.
    nice cool hits And light is great my hands and body are also screwed so sometimes lifting more then a ego is rough. I do need more egos and to like the tanks 2-3 mls even on the egos but having something like the istick that maybe goes a hair lower is great also.

    Thank you all, Let me know if you need clarification on any of my ramblings emoji269.png emoji111.png
  14. For new members, i recommend the kits. Cause it's easy to use. And you don't need to DIY or anything else.
    BTW you can try some original cheap ones like the guitar learner at the begining. That's only my advise. Hope it can help.
  15. Also e cigs can be just as addicting if not more then regular cigarettes, I quit smoking regular cigarette with an e cig and it's hard to set the thing down stay away from nicotine liquid if you don't smoke, get nicotine free
  16. I like the ITaste vv from
  17. Itazte 3.0 is what I have $40 for the kit on the site

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