New to DWC, Lemon Haze is droopy 2 days later... everything okay?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Buddz 83, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, THANKS, in advance...

    This is my first hydroponic setup. I am fed up with Ocean Forest, and want a little more control in my grow...

    This is a simple DWC: 6" basket, LECA, air pump/stone...

    The water is pH'ed to 5.8

    90ppm base
    40ppm Ca/Mg
    170ppm Canna Bio Vega

    I wanted to use primarily organics, and without getting too crazy, am planning on just using Bio Vega, Flores and Bloom..

    My SLH was initially planted in a 10oz cup of either pure Light Warrior, or Half Light Warrior, Half Ocean Forest, I cant remmeber... but by the looks of the lower set of leaves, I think it had the Ocean Forest in it....

    Is 300ppm too much for a baby Super Lemon Haze?? Or does she just need a little more time to get situated in her new home?:confused:


    Thanks for the input!!:hello:
  2. Hey, bro. Yes. 300 PPM is too much for a seedling. All you need is plain water until the cotyledons have dried up. All the nutrients the plant needs are included. It won't need any nutrients until after this has occurred. I know you're anxious to get the thing growing. This is one thing you can't rush. Try to be patient, it will start growing like a weed, in no time! =)

  3. Thanks man, I didn't realize they didn't need anything... I figured if they could grow in Ocean Forest, how could 300ppm hurt it..

    oh but it did! Its amazing how quickly they can go downhill in hydro... I hope that after changing out the water she recovers just as quickly!:D

    This is why I experiment on only one plant!

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