New to Dutch masters gold in hydro, any experienced growers give me any tips?

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    I am using the ADD27 AND 2 part grow and bloom... So far my clones are not looking good. Any advice? PPM is around 200 in 35 gallons of water. I used 80ml of the ADD and about 18ml each of part A & B of grow.

    Any tips?? Thank you in advance.

    I used DM newt calculator on their website and cut the numbers in a 1/4.
  2. There are tons of reasons why they might not be doing okay! Whats your light setup? Room temperature? Photocycle?

    Your nutes may be not be an issue since it sounds like you know what you're talking about.

    Give us some more info and maybe we can help you!
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    Thanks for taking interest :)

    • 600w HPS, inline cooled Sunlight Systems XXXL Hood :D
    • 3' flood table, 40g res
    • THC Snow (strain) 1st grow with this strain, purchased from
    • 25 clones in table 3 days
    • Dutch Master Gold ADD27, Silica, Grow A-B (220PPM currently, using online chart from DM site and dividing all recommended ML doses by 4...LESS is MORE to start anyway)
    • pH rising fast after corrected to 5.5, rises to 6.0-6.1 in 24hrs (what doe this mean? a fast pH rise? They need more juice?)
    • mountain run off (tap) water, chlorine evaporated out, no reading on Truncheon out of tap. Very clean.
    • Res bubbling out with 4 air stones
    • 4 long airstones in table, come on for 15 mins every hr with the flood cycle
    • Light on @ 5pm Off @ 11am (18 hrs on) Room temp = 71, humidity 40%
    • New HPS bulb
    • Advance Nutrients pH up and down (the best, IMHO)
    • Pic included!

    Been growing for about 8 yrs with good success...but I am far from the 'Zar' of fruits. Always love to learn more......

    400W T5 is no longer hanging back under the mamma.


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  4. I have grown that strain (also got seeds from same supplier) Was OK but nothing special and was susceptible to powdery mildew.
    Can't tell by pic what issues the plants are having. What medium is on the table or is it just hydroton in the net pots??
    I also used DM gold (A and B only) for early veg in the past but didnt really like the leaf color on the new growth. Your PPMs are similar to what I would use for young clones.
  5. I could be wrong, but it looks pretty clearly to me that it's rockwool cubes in hydroton.

    I had a different problem with DM nutes when I ran them that prompted me to change brands. Hard to see what's wrong - you say they're not looking good but I can't see in the picture what you're talking about. What's the problem?

    A bit off topic - it's funny that Advanced Nutrients makes such great pH Up and ph Down when you consider they're the ones that also make the pH Perfect line that doesn't need up/down at all.
  6. put your airstones on 24/7.
  7. yeah it seems like you know what your doing..
    im just curious as to why you have them on a flood and air schedual..
    do you have a good root system developed?
    seems like you might be depriving it of water.. have you used this method before? maybe try ading some aeroponics sprayers under there i noticed very rapid root growth in aeroponics systems.
    maybe flush with just RO water and keep the nutes out until they get a little further along.
  8. I am currently runnin the DM Gold Line as well. I am using the entire line and I am having great results. What I have been told is the ph should go up, that means the plants are using the nuts. Also do you check your ppm often, if the ppm goes up then more water is being used. I am currently in DWC not on a table. I'm in week 4 of veg and in 3 gal buckets. I run my ppms at almost 1100. I just bumped them from 950ish to close to the 1100. I have been seeing great things so far, but I PH the water every few hours just to keep it at that 5.5-5.8 range.
  9. Run it at 500ppm first week of growth...I run all sprout/cut at 500 for first 10-15 days, or first sign of depletion. After that I increase with use standard nutrient calculator(+/-10%).

    Any less PPM, becomes less stable(pH)

    Just follow the chart, stuff is easy to work with.

    DM is the best :)
  10. I ran 1500ppm threw veg and 1800+ in flower. I used Cutting Edge Solutions. They are super cheap. And more water based so they mix better in your res. I also used several other additives, but I averaged about 4 dry oz per plant, even having one pull 7.5 dry oz. Ridiculous.
  11. Here's a pic, enjoy

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