New to dabs. Where to begin?

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  1. A few weeks ago, I tried a dab for the first time. I've been wanting to get a rig of my own since!
    The problem comes in a few forms. Budget, online stores, and aesthetics. I have set a strict budget of $100 (this budget includes rig+torch). This budget is not really negotiable (trust me, I've tried to convince myself multiple times to up the budget, but I never cave in) until after the holiday season. I don't know of any reputable and well priced online stores, and I don't want an ugly rig (completely subjective, I know).
    These three things seem to be working against me as I look for a rig to get me started. I've found a few sites via Google, but just going with the first random site that pulls up is not something I'm willing to do without first hearing of other people's experiences.
    Any suggestions for reputable online shops to check for a decently priced beginner rig? Also, are they any do's and don'ts when it comes to buying a torch? Any other helpful tips for someone first getting into the world of dabs?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. With a $100 budget for everything about all you could do would be a cheap $50 rig, $15 quartz domeless nail, $15 propane torch from walmart $10 dabber
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    Honestly, I would just wait till you can spend a bit more. If you think you want to start dabbing regularly then you probably wont be happy with a cheap rig and cheap accessories in the long run. If you say you can spend more around the holidays(xmas I assume) then that's only about 2 months away.
    But if you are dead set on getting a rig and everything you need for 100$ you can but I would lower your standards a bit on the aesthetics. Pretty much anything in your budget would probably be from a beginning blower or some mass-produced import glass; neither of which is likely to be super durable.
    I would go with something like this if I had to. Maybe wait till they have a sale and then buy a cheap torch and it would come out to a little over 100$
  4. Hmm. Good advice! I'm not in such a rush that I have to have it now. If I wait till after Christmas I can easily spend more than $100.

    I probably will end up waiting then. I do not want an ugly rig. :p I've never owned an ugly piece in my life. I was mostly curious to see if getting a nice setup for under $100 was possible.

    So let's say its after the holidays and my budget is $200. What's a good online store you recommend? That one you just linked? Or do you have any other preferred stores?

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  5. Look on IG man so easy to find a good deal!

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  6. What is IG?

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  7. If you have a bong, just get a domeless nail with a male end. I got one that fits both size stems for around $50(probably be more like $80 if your in the states)
  8. Instagram

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    You can get those in the states for like $50
  10. I do not have a bong at the moment. Unfortunately I got rid of all but my spoon when I moved to Washington. Didn't have any extra space. May look into getting one and putting a nail in it. Could be my temporary rig until I want to spend more.

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  11. Lol. If you took a second and stopped spamming your fucking nail you would have seen that the post right before yours says he doesn't have a bong.

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