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  1. So I'm pretty new to dabbing, I have a rig I got in my 420 goody box and I bought a titanium rig from my LHS. Now my question is this, do I have to remove the dome every time I torch the nail? Or is there a way to torch the nail with the dome still on and not risk shattering the glass?
  2. Love my banger
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  3. I have been seeing bangers being used a lot more often lately, I should be getting a half O or so of wax today (fingers crossed it doesnt fall through) and if so I was planning on ordering a domeless titanium nail, or should I look into bangers instead?
  4. I have both and they both get the job done great but i use my banger more often because with my rig it has less drag... and plus it looks cool as shit
  5. I have a 4 mm thick banger and a dome less ti with matching carb cap. The banger has slightly better flavor but I prefer using the ti. Much faster.
  6. Here is what I do to dab off of my Ti domeless with no carb cap. It's why they call them domeless lol!

    Anyway, get the Ti nail red hot on one side using your torch. A small torch can take 45 seconds to a minute and a large torch can get one side red hot in 15 seconds. The key is color. Once it's red hot on one side take away the flame and count to 10. Now touch the dab tool with a preloaded dab to the spot you got red hot. You'll want to inhale a split second before the dab touches metal or you'll lose some. Hold the dab for 5 to 10 seconds and exhale. That's it, it ain't rocket science broski! Good luck!

    If the dab tool gets a collection of oil on it, just slide it down the center of the Ti nail and it will vape off. That or get the dab tool warm with a lighter and wipe the excess oil on a prerolled doobie.

    It's best to get a dab loaded like a finger hanging off of the dab tool, not like a ball stuck to the dab tool. This way you can feed the dab as you like and get milky fucking hits.

    Change the water often. Nothing makes dabs suck like dirty water. I do fresh water every session.

    You'll know you have temp just right when the lightest wisp of vapor comes off of the nail as you finish your dab. If it keeps on smoking then the temp is too low, count to 9 next dab and adjust as needed. If it doesn't wisp at all when your done it's too high, count to 11 and adjust as needed.

    Never ever use a fucking tooth pick! Use titanium or stainless that is meant for dabbing. Low grade titanium has impurities that can fume poison when heated up to dabbing temps and other alloys and metal do too. So, stainless dabber or titanium dabber only!

    Good luck broski'
  7. Nice, I think I am going to get the domeless with a carb cap to start and will probably get a banger to try out at some point, but just got a fresh half o of shatter so I am a happy camper :bongin:
  8. Sounds like you will be in a coma for a while. Have fun.

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