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  1. Bought my rig a week back. just bought a quartz nail w a dish its not a flat top nail. The first two or three dabs are great when the nail is cleaned but after that tho when i got to heat the nail it heats fora second or too then takes flame like a candle would. Then i have to blow out the flame which makes te nail smoke like i just blew a candel out. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if there is anything i can do to prevent this from happening????
  2. Yea, you want to heat that quartz till it glows red, then let it cool down 10-20 sec before you dab.  Often times there will be left over material in your bowl, that is what is flaming, keep the torch on it till all the material burns off, this will happen before it is hot enough anyway.  Don't clean your nail, getting it red hot will clean it.
  3. So when im heating the nail and the bowl catch a flame do not blow it out? Just continue lighting the nail with the torch? The flame will eventually die off while lighting the nail? Everytime its happened so far i just been blowing it out because i didnt think it was supposed to happen. Im using a butane torch
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    yea, keep going, the bowl isn't even hot enough yet.  I know people who only heat up the very spot on the nail they plan to dab, I don't get that.  I get my whole bowl nice and red, it cleans and seasons it every time, then let it uniformly cool down 10-30 seconds depending on temp preference and size of dab (a big dab will cool the nail down as it hits, the flame stuff you see is the result of wasted material due to inefficient method).  
    I use a big propane torch, which burns hotter than butane, so it will take you a minute to get the nail red.
  5. yep you will be fine, the nail is warming up so any left over oils will catch fire as its reaching red-hot temp, nothing out of the ordinary. if it continue sto happen then you may need to take a look at your technique possibly...
  6. also figure out finger-carbing I'm assuming you are using a dome with that quartz nail just like my setup.  finger-carbing will "cook" almost like a steamer that left over material that does not vape instantly, allowing you to soak up all that extra material as the nail cools instead of just setting it on fire and watching it burn away next time you go to do a hit.
  7. Plz explain finger carbing idk wht that is and yes im using a dome with a quartz dish nail

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    this demonstrates everything we've discussed, including your flame issue.  he is using "our" setup.
    fwiw, i googled "finger carb" and it was the first hit under "video"
  9. Thanks man i appreciate all ur help. Is there a certain brand of propane torch youd recommend because the butane one i have now seems to need to be refilled often

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    ~$15 at home depot
    ~$3 refills walmart or wherever, I like these cuz they are shorter and less tippy than the blue canisters, have a rubber base, but they cost and hold the same, last 2+months of daily use, 1000degrees hotter than butane (so the scientists tell me) but no where near "too much"; read: heats up faster.  It just isnt very portable.
  11. OP the flame you are getting is normal. That is just excess residue from your previous Dab that didn't melt. This could be because you are not getting the nail hot enough and it is not fully burning your hit. Also be sure to move your Dabber tool back and forth or in a circular motion while hitting it. Sometimes simply taping the tool to the nail will not properly burn the whole dab.
  12. Cheers guys I'm in the same boat as the OP.  I just got everything necessary for dabs I have the exact same style setup as him.
    Has anyone ever considered hitting their nail with a little handheld IR thermometer?  Is there an optimal temperature to drop your dab on the nail at? Since I'm a n00b and I have very little product to dab I would like to have as little window of error as possible.  What's the worst that can happen if I dab before I let the nail cool off enough?
    Also I think I seasoned my nail.  I had a couple dabs worth of some low quality budder that I wasn't comfortable smoking.  I'm almost 100% sure it had butane in it still.  When I dropped it on the nail it went POOF and some black soot rose into the air.  Then I dropped a chunk of qwiso onto the cooled nail and boiled it all out.  Then I put a dab worth of vapor wand oil from my silver surfer wand.  Then the last bit of budder but this time no poof.  Was it too high temp first time? Heated it red hot between each of these to clean it off.  Should this be sufficient for seasoning?
  13. Did you season your quartz? First thing you do with quartz is get it red hot and dip it in water.

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  14. No I didn't dip it in water.  It won't pop if I do that?
  15. No i didnt season the quartz. Should i do that asap? Or should just holding the torch on it do enough? I got it red hot and the residue flamed up bid but then died all the way down. Is there anything to watch for when heating the nail to help me avoid it breaking?

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  16. Supposed to do it before ya even dab with it. It won't break. It's quartz, not boro.

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    And then after you don't have to run any concentrates through it?  It's ready for a hit?
  18. Ready to go

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    Ti you'd season with reclaim or errl. Quartz is a different ball game.

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  20. Does propane burn cleaner than butane?

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