New to cultivation; how to start?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by John Lennon, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I cant spend more money on weed, since I dont have a job. I have some seeds from the weed I bought some days ago and Ive read that I can use them.
    Im planning to grow some weed, just for me. I live in Peru, so we dont have helicopters watching if people grow weed on their houses, thats a plus I guess. However, I live with my parents. Do I need a lot of space?

    So, how do I start in this? I was watching this:

    Its winter here. Spring starts on september 23.

  2. Nice. Now would be the time to order your genetics and find your spot. Welcome to the City, Blade!
  3. Do you guys really know what winter is? I am in the northern states where we get snow and it does not go away until spring (April).

    Anyways, as far as space, that depends on what you want to do. I try to give at least 2 square feet per plant, but there are some people around here doing micro grows if space is an issue.

    I would not advise to use your bag seeds. 95% of growing good weed is in the genetics of the seed that you get. Also, some of your bag seeds could be males and we don't want that if we are looking for buds with high thc content. I advise that you order feminized seeds from the Attitude seed bank to prevent getting any males.

    Beyond that, these things sure do stink so you will need a carbon filter and a good fan also.
  4. Are you doing an Outdoor grow? Or indoor?
  5. Dude...I don't think you understand how difficult it can be to do this. If you have to hide this from anyone that you live with, you should not pursue this hobby any further until you either...a) live on your own or b) live with someone who doesn't give a shit and who you trust with your bound to be hot Peruvian girlfriend....but honestly man, this hobby is a bitch to start, even if it's outdoor, if you have any dream of producing bud worth your while you'll need to feel super safe in the spot you choose, be able to tend to your plants every three days or so, especially if it's dry. I'm not an outdoor grower myself, so I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead, I know no more about it.

    I hope I covered it...:smoking:
  6. Actually theres no snow in Lima, the temperature is about 20 Cº.
  7. Indoor. I have seen a lot of people doing this in their bedrooms, problem is I dont know how to start...
  8. Do you know if they ship seeds to Peru? Is illegal to receive seeds by mail?
  9. Legality: Legal (under certain conditions)
    Providing possession is solely cannabis and not a mixture of drugs, personal use is acceptable up to eight grams
  10. Damn. That seems to be about 68 degrees F. It would be nice to live in the tropics. In the northern US where I am at, it hits -10 C or a bit colder in the winter

    I like your drug laws. It seems like everything is legal as long as its for personal use.

    As far as starting goes, there are a few different things to look at. Myself and a lot of other people on the forums use grow tents. With these we use carbon filters and just suck air out of the tent to put a negative pressure on it that way we keep the strong smell of the plant inside. You will need to think about lights. You can use cfls, they create less heat, but also create less light for the money. Best bet is to go with MH/HPS. Beyond that, you live with your parents so hopefully they are ok with the grow. If they don't know yet, they could eventually know since the smell of those plants by the 5th week of flowering can be damn strong. You will need to think about nutrients, soil and other grow mediums also. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest for soil and mix with perlite. You can use other soils also. I just warn you to be careful since I used the wrong soil on my 3rd grow and it fucked up the whole grow.

    Pretty much this is a hobby and its a damn fun one at that. :D
  11. It seems fun :) And yeah, my parents are a problem. But Ive heard that you can invest some money in growing a plant inside a closet or something like that? However it must be really expensive. :eek:
  12. Outdoor seems like it would be better for u my friend, summer is right around the. Corner. All you need is some soil with a drainage element added, usually perlite but u can also use rice husks. And of course a hidden spot that gets good sunlight.
  13. Yes, it is possible to do closet grows. Do your parents ever look in your closet? I am doing a closet grow myself. In my case though, I live in my own house though with no parents to worry about. It might be possible to do a closet grow, but those things stink pretty bad so you would need a good carbon filter to keep the small away. Otherwise one plant will have no problem stinking up your whole house. As far as money goes, it depends on your budged. I don't really know too much about average income for your country. Usually you can find a light for $100 or more, or maybe even if some cfls cost less. Carbon filters can easily run over $150 for a quality filter. A good fan can easily hit $70. You can grow inside of a pc case, or grow tent. Right now I am using a 36"x20" grow tent in my closet. Its also 6 feet tall so it probably takes up half of my closet.
  14. Use CFLS for lighting if you're gonna grow this in a closet. Use MH/HPS if you have a whole room for them. CFLs are cheaper. MH/HPS produce mega lumens. Either way, it's easy for this to work out
    Here's a shopping list
    Any light
    That's how you grow weed, add other things once you do a ton of research, but it really is that easy.
    Once you have the pot and dirt, pour water on the dirt. Stick your seed in a hole you will make with your finger. cover it up and wait.
    Once the seedling is there, water when the pot is light, or if the soil 2" under isn't wet.

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