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New To Cooking.. Quick Question On Amounts

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by sic0, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Hey gang, i've got a chronic back pain problem... no need to go into details on it but marijuana really helps and I much prefer it to narcotics.
    \nI've got a recipe for muffins that uses about 1/2 cup of coconut oil. (makes 12 muffins). I'd like to make some edibles with this recipe so i'll have alternatives to smoking.
    \nI know i need to grind my green and then cook it into the oil.. but that's about all i know. I'm looking for some quantities. How much green should i put into it, and how long do i cook it? Obvious answer is how potent i want them. I'd kind of rather them be on the weaker side and have to eat two muffins / cookies whatever than have one ultra strong one.
    \nSome of what i've read is 1g per 1oz of oil.   the 1/2 cup of oil is 112g ~ about 4oz.  So should I go with the 4g of bud?   And i've read cook it on low heat for 4 hours?

    Wow, awesome videos.  i watched vol 1 and 4.    So would that end up super concentrated?  for example if i followed that process using the 1/2 cup oil my recipe asks,  would i still use 1/2 cup of that oil?
  3. I believe so 1g-1oz sounds like it should be pretty strong. I've never cooked with cocoanut oil, so im not too sure about how much to use.
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    I like to use 10g of weed for every 1 cup of oil.
    I yield about 80% and the infused oil is VERY potent.
    2hi2di,  so if your recipe called for 1/2 cup of oil,  would you use 1/2 your cup of oil?  or would that be way too much?   Your measurements are about what i planned,  4-5g for 1/2 cup is what i was gonna go with.   i suspect i'm gonna screw up my first few batches anyway
    I use a crock-pot recipe that calls for about 3 cups of cooking oil for 1 OZ of weed; I use 4 cups oil and 40g of hi-grade weed.
    That yields me about 3 cups of super-potent cannabis-infused cooking oil; enough for over 200 powerful cookies!
    Your 1/2 cup (4-5g) application should be pretty strong and you can supplement your infused oil with regular cooking oil to make a full batch of cookies or whatever.
    The real trick is to cook it long and at a low temperature. I usually go 12 hours at the lowest crock-pot setting.
    If you can get 200 "powerful" doses from 40 grams you must be doing something right.  your amount of medicine is .20 grams per cookie.

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