New to coco any tips

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  1. I have 6 plants
    3 Tropicana cookies purple
    3 original cheese
    They are 3 day old seedlings and They are in Rockwool cubes
    I plan on potting them in 1liter pots growing all 6 and then picking the best 4 and flowering them
    So I was gona go Rockwool to 1 liter pots. Grow them out a bit. Keep the best ones. Transplant to 1 gallon smart pots. Veg till they outgrow ther bag. Then go to 5 gallon smart pots veg a bit longer then flower.
    this is my first time using coco so I was looking for some advice.
    I plan on using the remo supercharged nutrient kit and some tarantula for the microbes.
    I have 2 tents ones a 3 x3 Wich I’m dedicating to be a veg/baby tent and I have a 4X4, Wich I plan on always have some flowering
    The 3x3 has 2 blurples in it Wich are 160 true watts each
    My 4X4, tent has an hlg600h r spec quantum board Wich can go to 640 true watts
    Can anyone give me some helpful advice before I mix my coco and perilite and plant my seedlings.
    2 fifty litre bags for coco and 2 ten litre bags of perilite
    I also have a 10liter bag of clay pebbles I was going to put a layer at the bottom of the 5 gallon smart pot for better drainage 4B9481F7-2892-4C92-BE07-C398E57B023C.jpeg 840CF866-832F-44F3-91A0-2FAAD1A64432.jpeg
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  2. 3 threads.....really?
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  3. I didn’t think it was working lol
  4. Always keep that coco wet, dont let it dry. Never plain water either. There’s a coco subforum in the hydro section, tons of excellent info in there. Me, i switched back to plain chunky perlite in hempy buckets for dtw. Your plan sounds good to me though.
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  5. 5gal might be overkill, remember your watering everyday to runoff.
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  6. Thats true too, plants seem to get larger in dtw than soil relative to container volume. I just pulled over a quarter pound off a ~2 ft tall plant in a 1.5 liter bucket
  7. The reason I was planning on going 5 gallon is I only have time to water once a day
    Even in late flower
    I could just not fill the 5 gallons up all the way
    Just use 4 gallons
  8. Th
    Thank you
  9. Dudes grow monsters in 3 gallon pots regularly

    Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method

    and depending on how fancy you want to get, drip irrigation on a timer really makes life easier.
  10. Maybe in the future
    But for now I will be hand watering 4 plants
    What size of smart pot should I use to fill a 4X4 tent with 4 plants and only have to water once a day
  11. I don’t know man i have such a small space, I just stick to small hempy buckets. I’m sure someone here can help though
  12. Don't go over 3gal for coco mate. It's a lot harder to keep a 5gal wet enough. You get dry slots which cause nutrient build up and that in turn knackers the ph.
    3gal pot.
    Feed every day to run off.
    200ppm for seedlings.
    500ppm for veg at ph5.7-6.3
    And worry about bloom once you get there.
    Cocos easy mate. Just feed weak. Feed often and not much can go wrong.
    Can automate it easy enough for about £40 per 3-4 plants per meter.
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  13. Thanks
    3 gallons it is
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    Never let the pH go awry, that means throw away the el cheapo pens, in fact throw away anything el cheapo like the PPM/EC meters as well & only use quality instruments, i use fabric pots in a run to waste system with no trays to hold nutrient around base of pot where nutrient salts may build up, i plant my seeds in jiffy pots then when correct height plant straight into 80/20% coco/perlite mix with nute range in the approx ratio mentioned above, also as mentioned above never plain water, every single watering must be a balanced ratio of nute & proper pH level, no need for those clay pebbles when you have coco/perlite, with your nute choice i'm unfamiliar with but if possible go with a proven nute that works with coco, and it does not have to be the insane mixing of 5 or more different additives offered by the biggest names in the industry, please read this attachment, i got this info from a friend & use it myself & i can definitely say the buds that this method produces are as good or better than anything ive seen in 40+yrs of growing...forget the fancy & complicated nutrient/additive regimes, its not needed, also i use a good quality Mycorrhizal/Trichodermal treatment often as a resident nasty fungal disease is present in my outdoor grow area, since i use river water i do not need the Cal/Mag


    i know the attachment above says to flush with plain water but ive never had any problems from not doing that
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  15. Excuse the blurples but they are my veg lights
    Been following everyone’s instructions and advice and couldn’t be happier with these baby’s
    Day 21 since I put the seed in water and seeing some nice healthy grow giving light feedings daily till runoff

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