New to Coco, 240w Blackstar Grow;2 Diesel Ryder AutoFem [Auto Flowering] in 100% coco

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by gumbawler, Mar 10, 2012.

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    I am growing with a single 240W Blackstar, I have 2 diesel Ryders and 1 Trinity Kush.

    My growbox is made out of wood, lined with mylar, I have 5 gallon smartpots, I installed a shelf-rack for easier drainage.

    My temps are low 66.6 degrees and high 84 degrees, usually have average 78 degrees.
    Humidity is 30 to 50%.

    I have 2 muffin fans, 2 oscillating fans, and an Inline fan (TD-100X) hooked up to a carbon filter.

    My grow space is 22 inches long by 28 inches long and 42 inches high.
    Light distance from plants is 11" (don't know how close I can get with this led, can anyone please tell me how far I should put it from my babies?)

    I originally planted in Miracle grow and transplanted to 100% coco after i figured out that It was giving my babies nute burn or something.

    Im using coco and hand watering.

    Going to post some pics of the 3 in the transplanted coco. What does it look like I should do? ;)

    nutes im using are SensiGrow A + B, SensiBloom A + B, Cal-MAG, and Big Bud Powder. [are these good nutes to use with coco?] if so, how much of each is appropriate?

    I water about 2x a day now because of the coco, people tell me I have to keep it moist all the time? correct?

    This is day 21 for my plants, Why arn't they growing bigger? What should I do to make them bigger?

    I've added 1/8 nutes yesterday once, don't know how much and when to re-nute them because they had issues with the miracle grow before, and still dont know if that was the only issue.

    All 3 of them under my Blackstar:

    Diesel Ryder #1:

    Normal CFL:

    Diesel Ryder #2:

    Normal CFL:

    Trinity Kush:

    Normal CFL:

    Please coco growers, help me out!
  2. Stop watering so much until your roots get established. It's hard to over water in coco but it looks like you are doing it. Saturate the coco with a lite nute mix and with those five gallon pots you will probably go five days until it needs more water. Do that a couple times until your plants start to take off. When they start to take off you will know your roots have developed enough to start to feed everyday. At that point I think you will be ok to water once a day. In five gallon pots multiple waterings a day is overkill, that is reserved for people who use less media. Good luck.
  3. I will stop watering as much :) Thanks for the helpful tip, Should I be worried about the size of them or no? I will post updated pics in a bit, they look significantly better after a day or 2 after transplanting into coco.

    Anyone know if this is enough lighting? Thanks guys! any comments or anything is always appreciated etc! any and all information is great help! :)
  4. im gonna be doing basically the exact same grow mate :p even the same LED but from what i have red the blackstar hydro 240watt led light is meant for flowering and so what you should do is use some CFL's to suppliment blue light in your tent till they start to flower and then let the led have at it! :D cant wait to see how this turns out
  5. How many CFL's should I add with my blackstar? I have a T5 on the side which is 26 watts 6400k, and another 13 watt 6400k. Would this be enough for additional lighting?

    Or what do you suggest I get?

    P.S. the t5 on the side, when its on, it adds about 6 degrees to the temperature of the box, which is quite alot lol, So looking at what I can get that wont raise Temps too much.

    Should I try to add like 2 or 4 cfls? if so what wattage etc.

    thanks for the help! :)
  6. i suggest getting around 60 watts of 5500k to 6500k of cfl wether it be in 3 20 watt cfls or 2 30 watt cfls, i think that should do the trick for the first few weeks of growth till it shows preflowers and use the LED lighting to suppliment the cfls etc etc :)
  7. so 2(30 watt) 6500k cfl's would work? I'm worried about the added heat that they might add to my box.
  8. Beings their autos and will start flowering in a week or so, not much you can do for the veg cycle. There probably stressed from the MG and being transplanted. They may surprise you and take off when they start flowering.....
    Growers use that led from start to finish but, more light in the blue spectrum is better for vegging.
    If you get started off right next time you should be ok, but you could probably use smaller pots in the 2-3 gallon size.
  9. i sugest getting a small fan and putting it in your grow box/tent/room and pointing it as the lights and if possible have it pointed at the plant too will reduce temps and also will increase the strength of the plant and making it want to produce bigger buds
  10. Ya we'll see if they start flowering, its possible they might not, if they do I will probably restart again soon :) I agree that the MG and the transplant stressed them, but some are looking significantly better. Will post some pictures tonight. I am going to add 2 CFLS i think in the next few days, like 2 (30 watt) 6500k. My grow room temp is on average 78 degrees with only the led on, wondering how high it'll just with these extra 2 cfls, anyone know where or how to find out what type of cfl bulbs to buy etc to try to minimize on heat? Thanks guys! Grow room size = 22 inches x 24 inches x 42 inches high. [for reference to the cfl :D]
  11. I have 2 oscillating fans in there, one on the plants, then one mounted to the top of my case and pointing overtop my led (to reduce heat) reduces it from about 81 degrees to 78 degrees. I have a muffin fan running on high to, along with a 135 CFM inline fan pulling air through a carbon filter, i calculated it changes the air in my room atleast 20 times every 5 minutes. Dont know what else I can really do to change temperature other than change the ambient temp of the room where it getting its air from. As for the CFL's if you know alot about them if you could read the other post I replied to above would be great for input on what kind I should try to get to reduce heat etc :) Thank you sir! You have helped my quite alot
  12. hmmmm well im not sure what type to buy i just baught phillips cause its a well known brand. but i reckon you should get a pc fan in their even if its not drawing new air in or out it will move air around in the box and also cool the lights down.

    i baught the exact same strain as you the lowryder deisel ryder but im germin nothern lights x big bud for first going at the led lights and coco cause that was a free seed and the deisel ryder i wanna grow it to bits!

    just read your above comment try keeping 1 fan not oscilating and having it pointed at the led light directly or untill the plant shows flowers just use the cfls
  13. Yeah I dunno why theyre so small on like day 25,

    Diesel Ryder #1:

    Diesel Ryder #2:

    Trinity Kush:

    Does my diesel Ryder #1 look like its getting pistils and getting ready to flower?
    Should I give them a feeding of like Sensi Bloom and Big bud now? At like half strength?
    Maybe that will help. Sorry really messed up my nute sched because of the Miracle grow before and them being stunted lol.

    Also how do they look overall now? :)

    As for the lighting Im just trying to figure out which cfl gives off less heat.
  14. have you started giving nutes already? also i saw the pistils :D no need for vegger lights on that girl anymore :)

    if you have already been using nutes 1st week of nutes is quarter strength and then next is half strength but be carefull and look for nute burn if you see it do a flush stat and start back at quarter strength and then do a week for quarter strength and try upping it again a week later
  15. what i really recomend is getting a photo bucket account upload your photos their and then use that to put photos in here and that way they are already big and its easier to see them all :)
  16. I gave them 1/4 strength SensiGrow (A Veg nute) along with calmag. (only once)

    I am going to add half strength Sensi Bloom along with Big bud (Plus Cal-Mag) in the one today, then the other two I will feed with 1/2 strength Sensi Grow + Cal mag.

    I can make the images bigger without photobucket :) but thanks for the great idea!
    P.S. If you get any ideas or anything on my box or grow feel free to let me know :) You look like an experienced grower :)
  17. lol im just finishing up my first grow and i spent a year just reading everything and watching all the videos about it :p their are plenty more people who are more informed about it then me :p

    i think hlaf strength will do her good and especially cause she is just showing first signs of being in flower.
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    I am currently using the 135w blackstar. It is also listed as a flowering light, and has had absolutely no problems vegging my 3 plants. There are blue spectrum leds built into it. Vegging is the easy part, 14w led panels can veg a plant. Flowering is where you want to add more lighting if possible.
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