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  1. Every grow i have done i have started from seed. This is my first time growing from clone. The shop said they are about a month old. Their roots are very healthy and injust potted two of them up to gallon pots with just regular black gold. My question is what type of liquid ferts do clones like at this stage. Always pre mixed my soil and wanna trying liquid on this go around. Thanks! Running wedding cake, blueberry cookies, medi haze and 818 headband. 1461103847281.jpg

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  2. I started mine out on week 1 veg nutes and it did fine with the fox farms trio. it's the only clone i've ever gotten and the last as it infected my grow box with spider mites and i had to spend money to get rid of them.
  3. That soil should have plenty of nutes for a can go semi organic like age old or roots organic..full organic (for liquid) like nectar for the gods..or in between like fox farm...ive top dressed with tomato tone and kelp meal then use plain or molasses water fine too
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  4. So this is what i went with. Its a line that uses organic mixes this is a 2-.25-1.5 and its a mix of bat guano, kelp extract, soy protien, molasses, wormcasting and yucca extract 1461179669428.jpg

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  5. I have a stock pile of roots organic right now.

    Good stuff
  6. I got to use some R.O. bloom on my white widows that are finishing up now and i have to say since its been getting added my buds have gsined so much weight ill post pics later when their lights come on

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