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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mclovein, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Ya, so im thinkin of get me my 1st pack of cigs been smoking weed now for a year and a half, i heard that its nice to smoke a cig right after a bowl, well i think im going to try it out and buy me a pack tomorrow. My problem is i dont know what to buy lol, what would u recommend for a 1st time cig smoker, i dont plan on being one of those people that run threw a carton a day, just a occasion cig after tokin, or one every now and then.. so ya what should i get?

    thanks, now im off to pack a bowl:bongin:
  2. Now be aware that I am too high to read that shit, but I will give you rep++ just for your name. Superbad for the mothafuckin win.

    oh and since this thread is about cigarettes I guess I should throw it out taht blunts are way better?!?!?!?!!?!!1111
  3. I would recommend Marlboro Smooths. They taste extra minty, and they're smooth obviously. Definitely good for a new smoker. Buy them, you won't regret it.
  4. I would recommend not smoking cigarettes. As a long time smoker I can tell you it is a horrible money drain, a dirty habit, and very annoying when you're in situations where you cannot have one for extended periods of time. Best to never start.

    However, if you do decide to start, smoke Canadian cigarettes. :p
  5. Djarum Blacks clove cigs. Best tasting cig I have ever had.
  6. ok first of all do not smoke a djaurm black or any clove for that matter they are disgusting. They smell like fucked up incense and give everyone that is around you a headache from the awful smell.

    My fav cigs are camel lights
  7. are they really that addictive? recently i been smoking blunts rolled up with leaves i cut and dryed from my plant i have, maybe i should just continue doing that (i get buzzed from leaves rolled up in a blunt)

    im still debating with myself weather i should try it or not
  8. Honestly, I can't see what is so goddamn hard about quitting. Nicotine is habit forming, but I can't understand what makes it so hard to kick. I think it's more the act of smoking then the actual chemical effect of nicotine.

    I mean, can anyone compare how hard it is to say, cocaine, meth, or heroin? Maybe I'm just weird.
  9. i dont smoke cigs but the rush from shooting dope is pretty great and you couldnt smoke enough cigarettes to feel anything my opinion heroin and other hard drugs end up being much more addicting then smoking. more habit forming and a bigger drain on your money. smokings bad too but addiction to hard drugs ruins lives..people can be functional smokers..and functional hard drug users to but its harder.
  10. I bought a pack of cloves and they were wayy too fruity smelling, especially when you're smoking them. I'm kind of in the same boat and I picked up a pack of camel lights the other day and they're kinda harsh on the back of your throat and don't taste like anything. I think I'm going to buy tobacco and pipe tobacco and just roll my own. You can flavor it how you want (with the pipe tobacco) and it's not as unhealthy as buying pre-rolled, and it's cheaper.
  11. If its just gonna be the occasional cig buy some good cigs. Merit Lights are amazing, pretty expensive but theyre so smooth and rich at the same time. Marlboro 27s are great too
  12. Are you guys serious? Don't start smoking cigarettes.
  13. man I wrote this same thing on a thread about heroin today
    Every smoker who finds themselves addicted or who dies from tobacco-related diseases was
    once in the position you're in right now ..wondering if they should buy their first pack

    Tobacco isn't like marijuana, it's chemically addictive, it causes emphysema and cancer, it
    kills brain cells and it causes death. Stick to the green it does none of these.
  14. thats what i was going to say... theres nothing good that could come from it
  15. oh shit i thought he meant filling cigs with weedLOL! guess I should have read it hehe

    yeah man I meant use blunts to roll up WEED with not smoke tobbacy
  16. Seriously man, I smoke and I still can't believe I am stupid enough to....

    Please don't start because it is a road you do not want to go down. Tobacco addiction seriously is no joke. I've snorted, huffed, and eaten copious amounts of exotic and heavily addicting drugs and never have had a problem with craving or being addicted (for the most part) but Cigarettes have me hook line and sinker..

    Save yourself the trouble and don't even start.
  17. Hey Bubba I am not one to tell people what to put in their body or not.

    My advice though is too NEVER start smoking cigs, have a good one.
  18. those are worst cigs you can smoke, notice how it sizzles when you light it?

    Foop is right, I just now quit and sometimes I don't have a problem taking a cig from a friend but i know i should not.
  19. Yeah, I agree with the last couple posters.

    I am not addicted to cigarettes though I do like to smoke them once in awhile. I just never got addicted to them. Most people aren't so lucky, so don't smoke. :]

    It is nice to smoke a cigarette after getting high, but I'd choose something a little more healthy for you.

    Grab a huge bowl of ice cream. haha.
  20. Okay, so let me first and foremost say that I am not a "smoker." I only smoke cigs on occasion along with cigars depending on the situation. Djarum black are my personal selection on these occasions because I enjoy the taste and smell. I know a lot of people don't, but I do. I know these are the worst I could smoke and wouldn't dare to make a habit out of them. That is all.

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