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  1. Hi everyone, I am a 28 year old, woman who just moved to Central Florida.

    I have lived all over the place and things are definetly different here especially when it comes to people's attitude about bud.

    I posted a thread in the apprentice forum about the State of things in Central Florida.
    But since I feel so strongly about my current situation Ill give it to u again.


    Things have been really tough since I moved to Central Florida last fall. I moved here and began waiting tables immediately. I figured my 420 interest would be back in working order in a matter of a few weeks (as it usually is when I move somewhere new). That was not the case. After 4 months of living here I finally found a steady source, but it only lasted 4 months and it ended abruptly and with no warning. My husband and I have no idea what happened, but with all the bust around here we are not trying to push the issue with this guy.

    As someone who has lived all over the country I have never had this problem. There is usually an understood unity among those of us who share this hobby. Of all those people around here that I have met, that do smoke, it is like some kind of competition to brag over who has the best and then shrug when others need help. Have these people forgotten what it is like to be new somewhere, or just not to have access? The worst part of all of this is that if this continues for much longer I will not stay here... what kind of place is this? This should be a 420 paradise, with the beach close enough to go regularly and with theme parks being the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day. So why am I having all these problems?

    The people that I have met through the restaurant industry who have access, have no intention of helping out those of us who are new around the area. However, these same people will tell you all about their supply and that is the worst kind of hell! What is with this fear of newcomers and these cliquish attitudes? I feel like I am back in high school. (except there I had access!)

    I have moved many times, to all kinds of different places and I have NEVER had this problem. One girl even told me that her friend did not want to meet new people so she couldn't help me. I guess people she doesn't have any idea what it feels like not to be able to participate. My husband has tried and tried to find someone too, but his search is as fruitless as mine. It makes him feel bad that he can't provide something that should be pretty basic.

    Central Florida is coming off as a very close minded and backwards place. I don't understand the mentality around here. Those few people have I have met that share this hobby have completely refused to help the new girl out! It is and very lonely and isolating feeling to know that the few "cool" people around here have no interest in helping out fellow smokers. How did THEY find people? And what kind of people smoke but have no desire to help out their fellow smokers?

    This website appears to have a group of people that are more like the people I am use to - People who know that everyone should have the right to safe access.

    My husband and I are both looking for new friends that have some common interest. If anyone can say anything to make me feel better about moving here I would be forever grateful!

    Anyway... I hope to make some friends around here. Drop me a line. (after all a friend in weed is a friend indeed)
  2. Hello there)

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting bud. Not having a reliable source is never a good thing! At the moment I've been almost completely dry for maybe a month, all my dealers are dry, and I have trouble meeting new people so this isn't really going well. I don't really have any suggestions, seeing I'm not doing to well myself on this subject, but I hope you find a nice steady source of some good stuff. :)

    Good luck!
  3. A bunch of parts of FL are as you described. I live in the destin/santarosa/seagrove part and it is wat you said plus a bunch of punky white guys runnin around tryin to be gangstas.they listen to shitty music. Force as many drugs into their body as they can. And steal shit from anyone. And some of them "put me down" bcuz I'm the dirty hippy type. But after living there for the past year I've grown to understand that you just have to block them out and not care wat they think. There's ppl out there you will like, you just have to find them or better the ones that you think are potential of being cool. Find other new comers maybe. That's wat I did.
  4. other new comers r n the same boat i am.

    i really had no idea how lame florida is.... i always thought it was supposed to be kinda cool.

    it really should be a haven for us
  5. Central Florida has anything you need and plenty of it. You just have to know the right people. Where are you in central florida?
  6. im in central florida also,,,,,

    just where you at,,,,,?

    im around lake city,,,
  7. i am in the sanford lake mary area

  8. your around some hardcore rednecks,,,,,who above all dont want thier business threw out in the street,,,,,,

    that place must suck for you,,,,,living in such a enclosed community,,,,,

    people of this type..... are happy with the friends they got and dont really care for meeting no new ones,,,,,,,

    i know thats how i feel around my place,,,,, dont be bringing your friends over with you,,,,,,

    trust is very hard to earn with rednecks,,,

    but once you meet the right people,,,,,all others will let you in to thier private lives,,,,,,

    good luck,,,,and welcome to the city,,,,,:wave:
  9. thanks... this site seems to be a nice place to start.
  10. Don't knock Florida. Feel priveleged to live in such a place.

    Also, it doesn't help that the town you moved into is ~1/3rd old folks, and ~1/4 children while most adults that live there are rednecks.

    It's all about who you know..
  11. I know it is all about who you know, i just have meet nothing but assholes. This site is helpful because now I am begining to see that it is just REALLY underground around here. (far more underground that any other place i have lived)

    I am not knocking Florida, just my current situation is by far the worst I have ever experienced.

    I worked in resturants with young people, but for some reason they would not help me out. On top of that they brag about their stuff and even show it to me.... like I want to see that when I can't enjoy!

    I appreciate that people on this site seem to understand what I am going through.

    Really I didn't mean to insult your state here, but it just hasnt been that good to me. Yet!
  12. go take community college courses at Seminole community college. it's right there, and you're bound to see some people who obviosly get it for cheap
  13. if ur around ucf pm me
  14. it's o.k.....

    to insult florida,,,,,,

    after all the state is shaped like a limp peter,,,,,,
  15. its been almost a month since your lost, have you had any luck yet?

    I know how you feel (felt) i used to live in miami where you can anythign anywhere then i moved to central florida and i was dry for about 2 months till i found a source and once you find one you start finding more, i was good up until ike 3 weeks ago when all my hookups moved cause they graduated and now i am stuck been dry for almost a month (last time i smoked however was liek 1 week ago when i went to miami but it was just one joint) but i am on the look out for possible hook ups, it sucks cause i have a new bong i got bout 2 weeks ago i have been unable to rip it, hopefully since school just started i can find something.

    i hope you were able to get a hold of some bud, think about it as takin t-break :D
  16. thats funny that you're from the lake mary/sanford area. i am too originally.

    it's DEF way underground up there. the police presence is huge and everyone is extra sketchy and paranoid.

    there aren't many tokers so they're hard to find and they usually keep their business pretty secret. i hate that area because its so tense. code words, careful arrangments for pickups, smoking in really sketchy places (if you dont have a house to smoke in - good luck getting away with it), etc

    i'm not used to any of that here in the bay area. its a lot less taboo here and very laid back. there are some sketched out paranoid people that take it way too seriously, but overall its heaven compared to central florida

    the college campuses (SCC, UCF) would be the best places to start looking like others have suggested.
  17. Can't say I disagree with your assessment ... Finding this site though, has helped lots in at least networking with other folks in the area. Networking's always a good step in the right direction.
  18. Yeah.

    The people on this site were very nice. Things are looking way up!

    What I didn't understand about the area is that the closer you get to the colleges the better things get. I had no idea because the other places I lived EVERYONE smoked. The bigger the city, the more ok with it people seem to be.

    I think a THC revolution here would be a fantastic thing. People seem to be very uptight... but most of the people I live around are professionals or housewives and have children. It is sooooo boring sometimes! But things are definately better!
  19. i hope you can still find herb.

    I live around UCF and this is the driest Ive seen it in a while. The huge bust in tampa threw everybody off.

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