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New to buying "danks"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SHOguy, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I just started smoking more often. I only have smoked middies, and once some purple strain. ( I was high, and my friend told me to hit it, smelled good so why not)

    Now, I have a new connection, and he says he has some strain called "Trainwreck". From what my buddies tell me its really great, and he is hooking me up with 1/4th of a ounce.

    I wanna know if $115.00 is fair for a 1/4th O of Trainwreck?

    How can i be sure its "Trainwreck"?

    Are there any distinct features or scents?

    Thanks, Jay:smoking::smoking:

    EDIT: How big should the nugs be?
  2. That's definetly over price in my area. No clue in your's. How much does a 1/8th or half sack go for? A 1/4 should be more like $90-100
    edit- A rough measurement for a quarter is two fingers width across the bottom of a ziplock baggie.
  3. New England prices are a bitch, 115 for trainwreck isnt bad if you ask me. I paid 105 for a quarter of some kush strain a few weeks ago, but that was off a friend of mine.

    115 doesnt sound bad to me.
  4. Well if its real Trainwreck 115 is good for a quarter. Around where i live its 120 for a quarter of just normal shit. But you cant always trust what your dealer says about strain name, its usually just good shit that they try and put a name too, or normal bud and they try and convince you its something better than it is.

    To be completely sure you can look up images of trainwreck, but most bud looks similar so itll be hard to identify, but even if it isnt i still think 115 for a quarter is good
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    I guess Trainwreck has been going around the college, and he goes there. I think I get him to lower, first he wanted 125 and I said no, 115, is more fair. He said okay, he also said that normally they are 110, but he needs a new bong. (Stupid dealer tellin me he ripping me for his bong)

    I've looked it up and it is hard to find a good site, I found one, but its very short review. So far it seems good price though?

    When you say 2 fingers across the bottom, you mean a sandwhich baggie right?
    I already told him to bring his scale, since im broke ahah.
  6. higher than usual, try to get it down to 100-110 at the most.

    normally in ne, shit is around 60/eighth, so naturally a qtr will be 120, but w/ a discount should be around 100 or so. try to get a better connect, or tlak the dealer down
  7. 45ish 8th for beast and 55 8th for headies so anything about that I can see 60 an 8th
  8. yup yup
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  10. As a fellow from your state, I can tell you it's reasonable. The standard for a quarter is $110-120, $100 if you've built a good connect. Over $110 I never do but for Trainwreck I would. Look up the high, see if it matches what you feel (Sativa or Indica high). Also, nugs can be in any shape and size.
  11. Work the guy and you could get him down to 100 easily. For some trainwreck its not unheard of for people to pay that price. I personally wont spend more than 70-80 on a quarter. Most people around here pay 70-100 for a quarter.

  12. ^^^^ this

    I lived in CT and a guy i know in MA paid 165 a 1/4 for trainwreck.
    you got a deal i say.

    your gonna love the bud Enjoy!:smoking::wave:
  13. ask for 110 or lower and try to smoke before you buy.
  14. well some medical california high grade will run you 60$ an 1/8th and they dont give you any price cuts so that would be 120$ for a 1/4. If it was the same quality as that stuff then id say its not a horrible deal but you could probably knock a few dollars off for buying a larger sack than an 1/8th

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