New to bud, and would love some advice

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    So I've never been into bud much. I smoked it a couple times in high school but I didn't feel anything.

    Anyway, recently, at the age of 33, I've thought about trying it - now that I'm supposedly an adult who can make good decisions and practice control. I'm an artist and thought about using bud to maybe augment a creative breakthrough - or at least a philosophical thought process.

    Unfortunately, all of my friends are straight and narrow, and I had trouble finding anyone to smoke with. The ones who did smoked and completely cut it out.

    Finally, at a party, I mentioned it, and someone had some for me. He said he doesn't know what the strain is called but that it's very high quality. We smoked it from a Volcano, which is great, because I sort of hate smoke. It was great - I lost track of time, laughed a lot, was relaxed as hell. It definitely put me in a haze where I lost track of time. I didn't get any good creative thoughts from it, but it was still fun.

    Since then, I've spent a lot of time hunting for some where I live (in Chicago where it's illegal). I finally found some - the man I bought it from said it was "Humboldt Diesel." He said it's a pretty popular strain from Humboldt County in California, and is like sour diesel. I bought 1/8 - my first purchase. I tried it myself the first night, rolled into a joint. I smoked half, took a half hour break, and smoked the second half. It just put me in a starving haze - walking around like a drunkard, inhaling everything in my kitchen and it tasting delicious. I was trying to watch a funny tv show and couldn't concentrate. Then I went to bed and slept like the dead.

    The day after, I hung out with a friend of mine who was new to weed as well. Earlier in the night, I had drank about 6 ounces of beer (not sure if that's part of it) and he had nothing. We each took 4-6 puffs. He felt great and I basically went nuts. Felt like I was falling, severe anxiety and panic. Severe nausea too. Maybe some paranoia, since at one point I remember saying (everyone hates me). I was dizzy and had to curl up in a little ball for awhile. Then I slept like the dead and woke up feeling awful. It was a really terrible experience

    Soo. . . I don't know, I gave it a few days break, and decided to try again. This time I only take 2-4 puffs at a time. Then I just put the joint out, even it's wasteful. I've been doing this on and off over the past week, hoping i might feel something. But since that awful night, all it does is make me really, really tired, and a little hungry. No other effect really. I should also point out that it takes me a full hour, hour and a half after smoking those 4 puffs to feel anything. That's really long, right?


    So, I guess my questions are 1. Have I been hitting this correctly? What should I do differently or try?, and 2. If I'm really interested in using weed to promote creative breakthroughs and/or productivity, what strains should I try?, and 3. Is my experience normal?

    Thanks all!
  2. 1, sounds like you're hitting it fine. Make sure you completely inhale like a breath.

    2, of course cannabis is good for creativity, just make sure when you're using it for creative ideas you do as intended and don't let yourself become lazy.

    To answer the second part of that question, I'm not sure what bugs you should try but hopefully somebody on here knows. Sativa I suggest.

    3, yes. You are among the group of novice smokers now and only time will tell. Enjoy!

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  3. Thanks. I didn't feel creative though. In fact I could barely hold on to a thought.

    I would say that for some reason cool air or hot water feels ridiculous good on my skin though.
  4. Yeah that's the catch is learning how to handle being stoned and using it creatively. At first, I don't feel creative and then I start listed g to a song. The. That songs inspires and idea and before I know I it's 5 am and I've been smoking all night lol. With 5 songs wrote!

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  5. That's awesome. lo that's what i want.
  6. All things are possible man remember cannabis is for helping experience situations. It's not acid or shroom that will create entertainment for you.

    But once you find ur cool spot being high everything will make more sense.

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  7. Come to think of the best high was when i took a couple of hits and took my dog to the park to play. lol he even seemed calmer than usual, probably feeding off my energy.

    The guy I got my stuff from said that he has durban poison right now if I want something more uplifting. That sounds good.
  8. I will often smoke, and then catch myself daydreaming about being in a dispensary in Colorado or something lol.

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  9. Well mostly I would just like to be able to buy it legally, even if its more expensive or the selection is varied.

    Actually, the first time I tried to buy it the dealer ended up being this really bright, enterprising, 15 year old black kid who told me he was saving up to rent a really amazing limo to take his girlfriend to homecoming (he was dating a junior and was super excited about it).

    I was like "fuck no. I'm not contributing to this."

    This dealer is a grown adult who knows what he's doing, so I don't feel as bad about it. But the fact is I'm creating a market for something that's requiring someone else to take a pretty big risk (and potentiall ruin their lvies if they get caught), and that sucks.
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  10. You want strong sativas no hybrid. Look into strains and read a bit on the differences between sativa and indica. Couch lock, munchies are signs of indica. Sativa is better for creativity and indica is more for pain.

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