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New to bud :3. Kinda/ what dose should I use in eddible

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by n1ght5had3, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Hey all hope u can help

    I'm getting some space cakes tomorrow off a contact costing 20 pounds for some strong cakes.

    Should I start with quarter of the muffin and wait an hour or half and wait.

    I'm new ish to weed and don't wanna whitey like last time where my mate had a j and I had ONE burn

    I had cake before but that's when I could handle the shit

    Any tips I'm nervous and its messingy IBS up but I want to medicate with the cake cause I remember last time with cake was great :3

    Cheers all hope you can help me chillax and get a good dose

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  2. I put this here as its a medical application of cannabis

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    Seek guidance from the baker.  None of us will have a clue about how much medicine went into the pastry or how skillful the cook is at keeping the medicine from evaporating off during the baking process.  Little nibbles slowly through the day on your next day off work could give you an idea.  You can always have a little more but once you've had too much you pretty much have to hold on and go for the ride.  If it is your first try in a long time it could be very much like it was the very first time you tried cannabis.  If it is your first time ever it may take less than the cook expects.  Start with 1/4 of the recommendation of the cook or less in that case.  It can take a half Hr., 45 Minutes to feel anything even if you eat the whole pastry.  If you have someone you trust absolutely a helper can be comforting if you eat too much.  Hypnotic music can help keep things calm and pleasant also if you get a little more medicine than you expected.
    Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon was popular for the purpose when I was young.
    I still have a little trouble with Alice Cooper, Welcome to my Nightmare but that night I may have had something considerably stronger then pot.
    You don't have to get stoned for the medicine to work unless you want to, just stretch the dose over more time.
    P.S.  The IBS patients will give you more specific support than I can if IBS is in the subject line.  They are a generally good, helpful bunch here.

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