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New to bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vmadri1, May 14, 2011.

  1. So just got a bubbler and was wondering if anybody can give me instructions or find a how to video of how to load and put the water in. Does the water go into the bowl? If so wont it get the weed wet? Then if you cash the bowl do you empty the bowl and water then re load it with water weed,
  2. It's kind of a bitch, but the way I use my bubbler is to fill with water through the bowl before hand . Paper towel dry the bowl and load the weed. I have a super tiny bubbler so the water gets dirty quick yours will be probably be okay for like 5 bowls then you gotta change it out.
  3. Ok cool. I just need to find out how to empty the bowl without the water also being empty
  4. Your bubbler looks like a penis.

    And Red Dead FTW!

  5. Haha that just made me laugh for like 10minutes.
    Yea we were playing it but made me laugh to much complicated missions for my high self haha.
  6. You have to load the water through the bowl, yes it is going to make shit wet but it really doesnt make a difference. Just wipe off the bowl before you pack your weed and hit it like any other bowl. You just cant blow thru it to get the ashes out like a standard bowl.

  7. Stoke it?

  8. What is that?

    So how would you get ashes out?
  9. You just gotta blow the ashes out.
  10. Actually I had a nice glass bubbler. My friend gave it to me. It got so annoying that I gave it back and I made my own. I took a trumpet mouth piece, stuck a metal pen through the bottom (writing side up), and stuck a 3 in wrench piece to the bottom of the pen to make it longer. I taped that all together, stuck it in a sturdy water bottle, punched a hole for the mouth piece, punched a hole for the carb, and stuck a glass tube in for the mouth piece. Now I can take the bowl out and fill/dump the water. And it's easy to clean. Since the writing part of the pen is stuck in the bottom of the trumpet mouth piece no ash or resin goes down into the water. So all I do is pop of the mouth piece, dump it out, and stick it back on.

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  11. Is there a thing i can buy that would help empty the bowl (sorry really new to pipes)
  12. Why dont you just load water through the mouth piece? When you want to empty the ash from the bowl, angle the pipe away from the carb so water doesnt come out and use a toothpick to scrape the ash out.

  13. Good old paperclip m'man.
  14. just load water thru the bowl hold a lighter to it to dry it off. pack in some dank chief that shit. blow the ashes out. repeat as needed

  15. I have my lucky paperclip for said cleaning. What was once a shiny paperclip is now a piece of scrap wire with black goo all over it. I love my trusty paperclip.
  16. just suck the ash into the water and pack another

  17. This, but replace paperclip with bobby pin. Much more sturdy and easier at scooping the ashes out imo.
  18. Be careful with pulling cached weed through. After you pull so much through, you won't be able to smoke out of it anymore. My old bubbler wouldn't smoke, always clogged, and I tried for a week to clean it out, and eventually I put it on my bathroom windowsill and the wind blew it over and it shattered, and there was just a big ass chunk of res in the exact shape of the bubbler, which is why I couldn't clean it LOL

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