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New to Bongs - Few Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JonC95, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I have a pipe and I am happy with it but I was thinking of buying a bong.
    The only thing that concern me is how to keep it and stuff.
    So these are my questions:
    1) Does the height of the bong make a difference?
    2) Disregarding the steam (which can be removed (duh lol)) does a bong smell?
    3) how often should the water be changed/would it be bad to empty it every time?
    4) With the steam and water out, does it smell?

    Unrelated Questions (Bonus if you will):
    1) Bong or Vap (magic flight box to be specific)
    2) Is the difference between pipe and bong big enough to go through all this lol
  2. Bong you inhale more smoke faster, dont get scoobs (the ashes), and dont feel the smoke as much compared to a pipe. Plus it takes out carcinogens. Vape will save weed and taste better plus its better for your lungs, but I know a lot of people who don't like vapes.
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    Height makes no difference. Bongs don't smell any more than pipes. I change my water usually every sesh to keep the water fresh and tastey. I clean it every other day to everyday depending on how much I smoke.

    I prefer bongs over vaps.
    Once you get a bong you will nit want to go back to a pipe. Granted you get a decent bong with good diffusion and airflow.

    Dont get a cheap plastic bong, save some capital and get good glass.
  4. 1) it does indeed.
    2) yes, the tube itself gets resin in it too.
    3) I replace it after every sesh. I hate stank ass bong water.
    4) yes, it will. Not too bad, or at least mine doesn't, but as long as you clean it once in awhile, and keep it wrapped in a towel, you'll be fine.

    Never used a legit vape besides the mflb, which I didn't like at all. But I like smoking wayyy more. It just is more fun to me. Don't ask why.

    Yes. Bongs are superior to pipes any day.
  5. vapes and bongs are different highs. i dont think they're very comparable. if i were you i'd get both but if you can only get one at a time start with bong
  6. The height makes a small difference. 1. is that if the bong is under a foot, most likely you cant rip it too hard, or your gonna get some bong water in your mouth, and the longer the tube, the more you can milk it.

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