New To Autoflowers, Yield Expectancy In One Gal Pots?

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  1. Well I started a DP auto Blueberry and a Dinafem auto cheese in 16oz styrofoam cups, cut the bottoms off and put the cups about 2in deep into a 1 gal pot each. This is the tiered method suggested by FullDuplex in his grow guide for hefty autos.

    My question is, what is an average expected yield for an auto in 1 gal pots? I know Yield is very dependent but is a 1/2 - a whole ounce a good guesstimate?? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. noob here but i would say in optimum conditions maybe 1-2 oz dry ? My guess.
  3. i keep hearing about people and these 1 gallon pots... dude ur plants are going to fall over cuz the base is so fucking small. get some 3 gallons. and if u do everything right u should get atleast a zip off a plant. more like 2.
  4. i would suggest transplanting to 3gall. as in the 1gall she will get root bound very fast and this will stunt the growth and this will also then decrease the yield. if i would put a estimate on it i would say about 20-30g dry.
  5. I understand a 1 gal is small, but it's the only way to fit the plants in my cab. I have a Dinafem WW in a 5 gal pot 27 days from harvest.

    I have enough room for one 3gal or two 1gal pots. So I went for the two 1gal pots because I wanted to test a few differant strains. That's why I'm using full duplex's tiered grow method. It'll allow more space for the roots to grow while still keeping a compact space.

    And in 27 days when I harvest the WhiteWidow my autos will already be done with veg and into flower, so I'll really have no reason to transplant since there's really no more vegetative growth. That's why I'm sticking with the tiered one gallon method.

    I've seen people pull half a zip off a plant in a 16oz cup so I'm hoping for a full one out of my one gal pots
  6. whats a zip ?
  7. Zip = OJ = Onion = Oz = Ounce
  8. i guessed but best be sure ;p) So you have 16zip cups ?
  9. No. I said I've seen people grow a plant I a 16oz cup and they harvested like a half oz. so in a 1gallon pot, a plant should have the potential to produce at least an ounce.
  10. Hahah and actually now that I reread what you said, you wouldn't use zip like that. When you say 16oz cup your talking ounces by volume. When we say we harvested a zip, we're talking an ounce by weight. And that's really the only time you say zip, Onion, Oj, ect. is when your referring to the weight of weed. It doesn't really apply to weights or measurements of anything else

    The term zip is oldschool. Back in the 70s pot wasn't really weighed out. If you take one of those ziplock sandwich baggies and filled it halfway they would say that a half ounce. It's a close estimate but not exact. But that's where the term "zip" comes from. If you have a zip, what you have is a full ziplock sandwich baggie, also known as one ounce. Make sense??
  11. Sweet man ! thanks for your info ! Good to learn :p)

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