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  1. when i joined this site, i noticed ppl talking about seeds that auto flower. can someone tell me info or the best place to get info on them? these things are really real? im told they automatically flower at a certain point of it's growth no matter what the light cycle. so do these still flower under 24 hours of light? how do they make seeds do this? is it only for certain strands? do they produce seeds if pollinated and if so how are the seeds different compared to a non auto flowering female? can you crossbreed 2 strands (obviously the other strand would have to be a male) and will those seeds be auto flowering too with some of the genetics of the male? im not a newb to growing, but i sure am about these auto flowering seeds and a lot of genetic type things with botany. thanks everyone!
  2. They are autoflowering because they have some cannabis ruderalis genetics in them. Ruderalis by itself is shite, but crossed with some good genetics breeders have made these strains that will flower after a given amount of time, even on 24/0 lighting.

    That's pretty much all I know about 'em. :confused_2:
  3. Agreed, its the ruderalis genetics which gives them the autoflower trait. I grew lowlife auto blueberry and auto kush purchased from attitude last summer. Started them off outside and finished them inside under a 400W HPS. Grown in coco with bio nova nutes.

    Basically, they are flowering from the word go. They will show sex at around 3 weeks. The strains I had got to about 30 cm in height (1ft) and yielded modestly cmpared to normal photoperiod strains. Yields were about 7-15g per plant, quarter - half oz. Took a little longer than claimed, have read that they can take longer if grown under natural light. Smoke was good, was surprised with the quality for autos.

    As for light schedules, they flower regardless of light/dark hours. Have read that the optimum is 20/4 and that they like some dark period as opposed to 24 light. When mine were inside, I had some regular strains next to them and can't remember what light schedule I gave them at the end.

    As they are in flowering their whole life, have read its not possible to clone and have to be grown from seed. I live waaaaay up North and was checking auto strains out for guerilla growing as even early strains don't finish in time outside.

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