New to a joint?

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  1. aye, okay so i was wondeering ima smoke ma first joint. how is it done? steps? cause i havent ever got baked before so i kinda wanna know how it feels and does it have pain? andd how?

    ight thanks
  2. If it's truly your first time, you may not get high. but you also may just get fuckin stoned.

    and i suggest having a friend roll your jay, or smoking it out of something else... if you don't roll it right, it will burn quick and be a waste of bud.

  3. Roll it up, put it in your mouth, light the end, and take a puff (And inhaling once you puff, of course).

    In a nutshell, being high is being mellowed out, euphoric, happy, and comfortable pretty much anywhere. :D

    And yes, smoking weed does hurt your throat. Especially your first time. It will be near unbearable at first, but take it like a champ, take as deep of a breath as possible, and hold it in for 5-7 seconds.

    Good vibes, my dude. :)
  4. Hmm, how badly does it hurt your throat? Ah, im deciding if its worth . cause ik i wouldnt get addicted or anything like that. I just wanna try and see from there
  5. It's enough to make you cough. ;)

    And weed isn't physically addictive, anyway....
  6. Oh ya i thought it wouldnt be physically. and just makes you caugh so no like pain or went get any pain side effects rite?
  7. Definitely no painful side effects, but it sure as hell wont feel too good in the throat/lungs your first few hits.

    Since it's your first time, make sure all of the smoke is inhaled correctly! (Do wahtever you can to prevent swallowing the smoke, especially.) Incorrect inhaling is the #1 reason first time smokers don't get high.

    As soon as you have filled up your mouth with smoke (Puff it like you're drinking out ot a straw, minus the swallowing), take a deep breath.

    If it hurts, you're doing it right. :)
  8. sounds good enough for me man ahah:) thx for the input!
  9. Glad I could help, and good luck! :smoking:
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    Let me make this easy for you.

    1) INHALE lightly as if you're sucking air through a straw. (DO NOT SWALLOW. weed needs to go down to your lungs, not your stomach unless ur eating weed brownies)

    2) HOLD the weed smoke in your lungs for as long as you can feel comfortable (should be more than 5 secs) **holding ur breath is the same as holding the weed smoke once its in your lungs

    3) EXHALE and enjoy :)

    **TIP's: If you're smoking with others, don't take more hits than anyone else and don't take too long on the blunt/joint before passing

    Remember to be in a good mood while or before smoking weed which will make you feel great while being high. Try not to worry about things such as your mom seeing you high or anything that might cause anxiety.

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