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new tip to hide weed smell when smoking in room!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bud is love, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. today i was getting stoned in my bathroom and my sister (massive snitch) knocked on the door. bitching how she smells pot smoke..so i flipped out sprayed spray opened the window lit a candle turned on fans etc and it still smelt! i have no idea why. so i grabbed a bottle of gold bond extra strength medicated powder (for those of u who don't know what it is its like a heavily mentholated baby powder that stops chafing and what not) well i threw some of it around and rubbed it in to the carpet and blew it around the bathroom it smelt fucking amazing i could not even find a trace of weed smell and it doesnt smell sketchy like axe and spray it smelt clean i cant describe it any further just clean i really suggest you stealthy stoners who have strict parents, roomates or dorm supervisors this is a good method and sorry if there alot of typos im stoned off my balls.:smoke:
  2. Your sis doesn't sound like that much of a snitch to me if she let's you know she can smell it outside the bathroom. If anything, she helped you out.
  3. Just blow the smoke into the fan in the bathroom, the one thats "supposed" to be used after you take a shit, to suck the air out. Just turn that on and blow right into it, spray some cologne, and in 5 minutes you'll be good.
  4. Smoke outside?
  5. This thread should be in the apprentice forum...no seasoned toker has to hide it from strict parents or snitching siblings...:rolleyes:

    You can try to validate you are seasoned, but your post is proof, that you are not.:devious:

  6. tru dat
  7. Nice.

    When I lived in the dorms my friends and I would toke in the bathroom with a towel under the door, and then turn the shower on full heat once we were finished- something with the steam helps neutralize the odor. If it still smelt we'd "accidentally" burn some popcorn and that would usually do it.

    Life gets better when you meet someone that owns a vaporizer and shows you the way of the pot jedi.
  8. Make a stinky....put a fabric softener sheet in a empty toliet paper roll and blow ur smoke thro it out of a window. Works everytime
  9. Spray a couple sprays of blunt power spray into the carpet. Two to three sprays usually does the trick plus the flavors are all pretty nice.
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  11. yea like i think someone said blow all ur smoke into the toilet and close it
  12. Dude you live in Florida, smoke outside - the only reason I've ever found to smoke inside a house where other people would disapprove is because of terribly shitty whether. I've only smoked inside my parents' house when it was 20 degrees outside, and even then it was way past the time they were sleeping.
  13. seasoned toker or not you might have to hide it from someone. it was just a suggestion if the situation ever came up
  14. It got moved to Apprentice for a reason. If you are living with your parents and worried about a snitch sibling odds are very good that you're not very seasoned. Also, if you think this is a new idea you're in error. It's not.
  15. And don't forget to flush!
  16. That's why you just smoke outside.

  17. Now that is simply not true! I used to smoke 6 times a day at least when I lived with my mom and I had to hide it!

    I just hid it very well :smoke:
  18. i'm currently in a tight situation im on my summer break and my sister is like 23 or 24? and im leaving monday to see some friends in indiana so its all good
  19. ohh yeah and smoke outside? thats my dads smoke spot

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