NEW THEORY! -- Does Hydration effect your high? --

Discussion in 'General' started by MHVB, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Well... I had an interesting realization today when talking with one of my buddies. He suggested that the amount of water you drink before, during, and after your smoke session can/will effect your high.

    So, I tried this theory out and hydrated up before I toked. My results were pretty interesting. I found that I did not get as 'stupid' when I drank a lot of water before. I felt like my body was pretty loose, and I felt more of a physical high then a mental high. Although, I am going to have to try this a few times and with different amounts of water before hand to see if I am actually noticing a difference or if it is just a placebo effect.

  2. In Theory this makes sense to me as THC goes to your brain and if there's more fluid in your brain it'll have an effect inside your brain. not sure how or what the effect is, but that's for the scientists.
  3. hydration effects everything while sober, of course it will effect you high.

    and i sure hope theres not too much fluid in your brain....

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