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new test questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cressia, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. I've read through what there is on the board, and I just had a few questions I don't think have been answered before.

    I got called back by my potential employer to retake a drug test. They said there was a problem with the "gravity," which I know means - to them - that the sample may have been tampered with by drinking too much water, taking those detox drinks, etc (both of which I did.) I have to go back tomorrow, but I have a clean, older friend who can give me her pee.

    She's done this before and knows how to keep it warm and everything. My issue is, can they in any way compare the two samples? Can they test for things like blood type? I know they can't do an age test. But I want to make sure I don't get caught doing this. Have people tried substitution successfully on the second try? Or do they do tests to make sure the samples come from the same person?

    My other question is... I took an at-home test just to see if I would be OK in case the substitution plan fell through. It's been 17 days since I smoked last, and before that it was nearly every day for about 6 months. I know there are factors such as metabolism, THC level, etc. Anyway, the at-home test was one of those ones where there's two lines if it's negative and only one if it's "preliminary.' There were two lines, but the bottom, the negative one, was VERY faint. In huge bold letters in the instructions, however, it emphasizes that even a very faint line is a negative result.

    So does this likely mean I have nothing to worry about? Or does this mean there are trace levels of THC that a real lab test may detect? I just don't know how accurate those home tests are, or what the faintness of the line indicates.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. If I fail this test, I have no job - I was already required to give notice at my current job, and this is a professional job so I'm kind of screwed if things don't work out for me. Thanks again...

  2. Hi, and welcome to the city. first off No i dont think they can tell blood type/age whatever. and about your home test sometimes they give false positives and vice versa. so i would just play it safe and take the piss from your friend, because as long as no one is watching you take the test and its warm (and your friend is clean) you are set to go
  3. Yes, that should work, but how would you sneak it in? from yuor post im guessing your female. Guys have a method of sneaking it in, but im hoping that wouldnt work for
  4. stylez-1877, they insert it, like a an empty vinalla extract bottle.
  5. ^^^

    Damn, for real?
  6. i imagine, if it's only a test for a job, they wouldn't compare the 2 samples, as it would require a DNA test, and those are expensive, and need to be carried out at a lab.........

    yeah go with the friends pee.........or just keep drinking that water, and detox, and give them another.........then what?....they gonna ask for 3-4-5........i doubt it, they'll need to make a decision then.........Peace out........Sid

  7. Think about a dildo, thats like a walk in the park for them. Then they just remove the cap and let it drip into the cup. I'm sure it's not comfortable, but there method is full proof, theres no way they could get caught, unless they droped the cap into the water, or if the bottle fell out, LOL :)

  8. Luke you're a character

    the thing with the vanilla extract bottle is if they insist on being in the room.. it'll make a *glugglugluglug* not the sound of urine. try hiding a condom fillid with it, then poke a hole with a thumb tak or something.
  9. Cressia, I congratulate you on having an original question to an old topic. And on top of that SEARCHING the board before hand. My belief in the general intelligence and consideration of humankind has been rejuvinated.
  10. Thanks, everybody. After some careful consideration, I've decided to take the test sans substitute. I'm just drinking a lot - those not as much as last time - of water and forgoing the detox drink. I figure if they give me flak again, I can just tell them I drink a LOT OF WATER. Which is actually true - I normally drink about three liters a day, if not more. I'll just fight it to the teeth if they try to deny me employment based on suspicion. This isn't a federal or state job, after all.

    Using somebody else's urine is just too scary. I'm no good under pressure. I'd probably bump into something and wet myself or drop the bottle in the toilet. I'm shaky!

    By the way, let this serve as a cautionary tale to all those cheaters out there. Those drinks, and that water, sometimes that can get you in deep stuff, also. They DO test for pH, creatine, gravity and the like. Be cautious and be safe. Don't overdo it!

    But the best tactic is to stop smoking if you're looking for a job. I wish to God I had done that. It can be difficult for some to get through, but I wouldn't wish this level of worry on my worst enemy. I haven't slept in days.

    Ciao... I'll let you know what happens.
  11. best of luck dude
  12. haha i knew the search button in my avatar would work eventually :D j/k

    Good luck with your test, I woulda gone with the friends pee, but I'm sure you'll pass no matter what

    passing a piss test ~karma~ is coming your way
  13. I PASSED!!!!
    Thanks for all the karma and advice. I went straight, just me and my pee in there. I drank about 2 litres of water in the couple of hours before hand, popped about 500 mg of niacin and four aspirin plus a couple of spoonfuls of salt (probably all snake oil, but it made me feel better all the same) and I passed!
    I'm so happy. Thanks again.
  14. Good to hear : -D

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