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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by grassisfree, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I feel that it is important to use another term besides legalization. The fact is tobacco and alcohol are not fully "legal". Even caffeine has restrictions, (No more then 250 mg per pill) therefor it is not fully "legal". Legal makes people think that four year old will be smoking.

    Personally I like decriminalization, however I want to have a term that makes weed legal in a way very similar to alcohol.
  2. wow pure retardation... legalization is the allowance of an item, sometimes under certain terms, decriminalization is the act of making laws on an item lienient enough not to affect a persons stature or record, but stric enough to control the substance. when talking about drugs(ie caffein) an unscheduled drug is one with no limitations. Many drugs are legal like Advil, but they are scheduled to protect people from overdose. if companies were allowed to make tylonol with 2,000mg of acetametaphine then people would die from the drug. if companies were allowed to make soda with thousands on mgs of caffine people would have heart attacks. I really dont think that this needed to be explained, were all 18 here right
  3. i wasn't asking you to rate my intelligence, i was just asking for a term other than "legal"
  4. i see what u mean. stupid ppl do think that every 4 yr old will have a bong in their preschool lunch box. decriminilization has a better ring to it because it reminds people that there will b less criminals. sounds retarded but thats marketing - it works. most ppl go on their impression of the truth they don't actually think about it.
  5. :hello: he's right.
  6. I've been thinking about this same subject for a couple years, although not about the term "legalization", because I don't think that it's considered a negative term in society. However, I have been thinking about the terms that are used in the media to describe, or refer to, marijuana, and the negative connotations associated with some of them. For example, terms such as "stoned/stoner", "pothead", and "getting high" seem to be more negative sounding to an average non-pot smoking voter then terms like "ganja" or "medical marijuana". Of course, this could just be my personal feelings towards the terms and doesn't actually hold any bearing to the American public at large, but from the limited group of people I've posed such a question to in the couple years I"ve been contemplating it, they tend to say roughly the same thing.

    Medical Marijuana is a interesting example. It's a fairly recent term that has been pushed into the mainstream by activists, and they've done an awesome job making it a very positive term, as it should be. I wish I had the means by which to do a survey of peoples thoughts of different marijuana terms, and see which ones are actually considered "negative", and which are "positive", because then we could use that information to either they and change the negative connotations of some terms, or start making good use of the positive terms, but alas!
  7. I like "regulation". And I believe the public would prefer that term as a whole as well. Goverment regulated marijuana sounds safe and comforting and in many aspects it would be. Joe public doesnt have to go to a posible crime riddin area to see a criminal drug dealer and risk getting stabbed or mugged to get his herb. There would be no drug dealers (marijuana). It would become as profitable to them as peddling cigs or beer on the corner. Not to mention insanely profitable to the goverment in taxes, freed up prison space and redistributied funds to battle hard drugs and violent crimes. When I think about how big of a "no brainer" legalization is , it just pisses me off more.

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