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  1. So basically what happened is that my good friends older brother just died in a car accident. He was coming home from a party with a friend and they were both drunk. The friend was driving and he was going 110 down a small curving road that's tough to handle going 35 sober... They hit a parked car and he died on impact, and the friend is still in icu. He's going to live but since this is his second dui he's looking at 25 to life no matter what. His dads a federal agent and he's actually gotten him out of two duis so technically this is his fourth incident..
    Ever since I heard I've just been hanging out with my boy just being there for him and smoking with him and just helping him get through it. Once I scrape together the money I want to get a quote that I've heard before but it was said during a speech at the funeral, "smooth seas don't make skilled sailors" with a wave crashing over it, and in the break I want to get JGD kinda hidden But still visible. What do y'all think?
  2. sounds like a good idea ....

    but why are YOU getting it and not your friend ..?
  3. He's getting his brothers initials and some other stuff too, and a bunch of other people already did
  4. then do it up man , think it would look cook
  5. Sounds like it could make a sick tattoo
    And sorry to hear about your friend and his brother
    Shit must be rough
    You sound like a good friend

    Just one thing, try to get the writing more "personalized" and not the cliché cursive
    A type of cursive would be good, but do many people have the same style it ruins the personal side to any saying

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