New Tattoo, thoughts?

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    Will be across my shoulders probably about 8 inches in size just under my traps...

    Font 1:

    Font 2:

    Or Option 3:

    Which font do you like better?
  2. Font two.
  3. asdf
  4. Whatever you like most, its gonna be on you forever, not us.
  5. the first one
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    Oh I know haha I gave that same advice to someone not too long ago. Just looking for some input.

    Also considering:
  7. Font 1 its the cleanest.
  8. Don't do it.
  9. font 1 is such a fucking generic font for tattoo's

    at least font 2 looks a lil bit more origional

    personally though, instead of using computer font that tons of people have, go to your tatoo artist and ask him/her to draw up a font with a similar style, thats how all but 1 of my fonts for words were created, 1 is strait off a computer, the others are origional, maybe similar to others, but they have their own little features that are different
  10. get a symbol of something, something that will standout from history that conveys those messages.

  11. What do you have against ink man? This is the second thread in one night I've seen you railing against tattoos...
  12. 3 FTW. what do you love, what is your faith? it's too vague
  13. it doesnt have to be a detailed description, once you start putting sentences on your body is when a tattoo gets a lil stupid, tattoo's are symbolic, at least good ones are, and its good for that wearer of that ink to only know the true meaning, that way if he doesnt want to reveal it to you, he doesnt have too

    my buddy got a really twisted tattoo written in arabic across his collar bone, describes his morbid/violent/hateful personality quite well, it says fear death and torture, but when people he's not real cool with ask he says "its my name"

  14. That's what i was planning on doing. Taking one of these generic fonts up to my artist and asking him to put his own spin on it, and see what comes out, but i figured a loose guideline is better than trying to describe it y'know?

  15. If i had to distill my philosophy of life to the most basic thing, the two principles I believe in most are Love and Faith.

    And there many kinds of both.

    Love, whether it is amongst my family, the brotherly love I feel for my close friends, or the compassion that I need to exhibit amongst the world around me. Whether it's simply loving anything, what you do, life etc. It's vague because Love is vague, but nonetheless so powerful on earth.

    Faith, whether it's my faith in myself, my faith in god, or my faith in others.
  16. I would take the "and" and the "F" from the first one and put them on the second one. Very nice.
  17. Do you really care what I think about your tattoos? I'm just some stranger on the internet. There's no rule that says that stoners must also be tattoo owners.

    I dig seeing great tattoos, but I don't have any of my own. Most tattoos are junk, though. You need an artist with real vision to properly decorate your body.

    My friend used to tell me not to get tattooed because that's how the cops track you.

    Just wait until you're older and wiser to decide how to permanently mark your body.
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    I got bored, and did this. Maybe you'll like..
    Though it needs some hiccups to be fixed, like between the O and the V of Love.


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