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  1. Hey blades. Ive had a turtle for quite sometime, well he recently kicked the bucket. Now I have wanted to get some fish for a while, and now that Bowser(the turtle lol) is gone, I went and bought a 5 gallon tank, filter, thermometer, and decorations and shit. Ive had fish when I was little and never had to really take care of them so Im pretty new I would say, but I plan on getting 3 GloFish to put in the tank. One red, one green, and one orange.
    Here is some info on GloFish.
    GloFish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Here is my Tank:

    I got a flat black background with a space cut to exact dimensions to fit the 12 inch blacklight I mounted on the back of the tank, in combination with the 36 inch mounted above my closet with the convenience of a light switch.
    *Couldnt really see it with all the lights off so I turned on the dimmers.
    I have 2 glow in the dark plants and and 2 bright white shoelaces tied around the top and bottom to add to the glow effect in the dark.

    Now that you have seen my tank and know my plans, Ive got a few questions.

    1) AquaSafe water conditioner. Should I wait any amount of time before I expose the fish to the newly conditioned water?

    2)TetraColor tropical fish flakes. "Enhances the color of your fish" This Im not super worried about because the color enhancing food was the same price as the other. It does say it enhances the fishes naturally brilliant color, and designed to help promote development of natural pink to orange-red colors of tropical fish. My question is, does it have any any effect on the glowing colors of the fish?

    3) I cant find this info anywhere, but how big do these guys get?

    Im buying the fish tmr and if anyone owns/has owned GloFish, any tips are mucho appreciated.
    Thanks for looking :smoke:
  2. Really not a single person here has a fish tank.
  3. dude I thought you hada real tank, hahha, on that thought.. you should get one
  4. 1. Read the directions but 24 hours should be more than sufficient.

    2. Color enhancing food generally just means it's shrimp or krill based which will help highlight red coloration in some fish. It won't have much effect if any but it's fine for your fish.

    3. About 2" when they're full grown. If you want info, look up "zebra danio". It's the same fish.
  5. Thanks for the help bro. The instructions say nothing about waiting before adding the new water but Ive seen every fish in the tank floating the next morning because the person didnnt wait.

    The shop where I got them actually had a knowledgeable employee when I went today. I got the three GloFish and Mr P. Cozzymus. The orange Glofish is really aggressive for some reason, but Ive found out that they are merely playing "tag". The food is fine, its the food they recommended but with color enhancer. Also you were spot on with the shrimp based.
  6. Danios chase but don't do any damage to each other. It might be a male/female thing. Plecos are great tank cleaners, good choice there. Good luck with the tank man, it's a fun hobby.

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