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  1. Hey blades, thought I'd share a pic of my new grow op. I just picked up the 8-bulb t5 with mixed 6k and 3.5k bulbs. The clones are about 3 days past rooting and I will probably switch them over to flowering by friday. This is my first time growing in coco and I am super excited to see what this set up will yeild. 20 blue cheese clones in 3.4 liter pots should be quite the delicious garden once it gets going. I've been meaning to do this and with all the t5 love out there lately, I figured It was about time ... Without further adew, i give you THE GARDEN!

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  2. Very nice. Subscribed
  3. Update.

    Hows it hangin' blades?

    I really wasn't planning on turning this into a grow journal... but I'm stoked on how well this coco is working out and figured i might flaunt it a little :D . Also, hoping to find some more coco growers here on the city.

    These pics are at 28 days from the start of 12/12, the last picture is of the same strain ready for harvest, grown in soil.

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  4. pretty interesting set you have there. i have never saw something like that come out so manicured. i have just switched to coco myself and am very pleased also. if you want some good coco threads there is a guy with the screen name ask ed . he has a few journals with great detail and he is good peeps .

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