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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by keef1986, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of getting a parts list together for my next grow and wanted to just tell you guys what I am setting up and get some input on things that maybe I should or shouldn't do differently. I have been growing indoors for almost a year now and have got through the learning curve(hopefully). The system that I am leaning toward is a RDWC 5 gallon bubble bucket system growing 4 plants at a time. With the 4 plants I would like to do a 4x4 scrog. This will be under a 600 watt air cooled hood. I will be using hydro, GH nutes, Lucas formula, with a couple of stimulators, not quite sure exactly what. CalMag, silica of some sort(suggestion appreciated), liquid koolbloom and dry koolbloom. This will be my biggest setup so far so I'm not sure exactly what to expect. I will be growing mainly indica or indica dominant strains. Trying to find a happy medium for yield and quality(suggestions also appreciated). Just wanted to know if this sounds like a good setup or what I can do to improve yields and quality. Thanx.

  2. congrats on the upgrade!!!

    I recomend a LARGER resevoir. I started with a 5 gallon bublle bucket but theyre really only good for ONE plant. I use a clone/seed tub now and a larger veg/flower tub. The larger tub allows me to mix about 10-12 gallons of nutes for a 2 week cycle and as the water is sucked up, the nutes generally increase just a bit making things very easy for me. I also you Avanced Nutrients Hobbyist kit and have FANTASTIC results. I literally do NOTHING but water changes. I also have calmag and use just a little bit in flower. Im excited for you. I miss the beginning excitement, although its been replaced by the "doing this again" excitement :)
  3. Thanx man, I appreciate the input. Yea I plan on using each bucket for one plant. Here is how I am thinking of setting it up. View attachment untitled.bmp
  4. Any guess what the yield would be with a 4x4 scrog under a 600 watter?
  5. I'm really excited too. Everything that I have grown so far has been on a small scale and I am excited to get a big harvest.
  6. noone can predict yield accurately. too many variables :) just use the right stuff and youll be good
  7. Just try to provide the perfect environment for your plants, watch carefully how they react to the nutes, and you will have a satisfying harvest.

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