New SYN Showerhead Tube

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  1. So I usually posted all my pieces on the site DnB. But that website is dead as fuck so I figured I'd move on to GC. Anyways...

    This is a SYN Shower Head Perc with a fixed stem I got it at a local headshop for 300 when it was priced at 400 (which is overpriced now that I've been to Aqua Lab. The hit is amazing feels almost like the smoke is being misted.





  2. enjoy it, i want of one these so badly but i think there to big for my needs

  3. I have one, the minis are relatively compact, and ohh so smooth. :smoking:
  4. Ya this one only stands about 14" high.
  5. Fantastic tube bro, gotta love showerheads, peace.
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    sick tube! i have the same tube except its a fullsize, i just clicked buy on this ashcatcher for it about 3 min ago, check it out:

    edit: cant believe they put a $400 sticker on it, i got my fullsize for $310 plus tax, about 338.

    when i get it all together ill take some pics.
  7. Sick tube, sick bong milk.
  8. Sick tube man. I really like the label color
  9. Ya the Label is one of my favorite parts on it, and that setup should be nice as hell with that Heady AC. I've been thinking about getting a Toro AC off aqua lab but they go out of stock so quick.
  10. Homey, I'm so glad you finally found one in stock!!:hello:

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