New SYN milk vid

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    First of all it's not a very big hit, I just started smoking again after 6 years. Just wanted to give you a good shot of the diffusers this thing hits so smooth it feels like you're breathing in steam. SYN 20" triple disc diffuser, paid 350 from a local shop bottom is frosted in the bottom because of cold water and ice, wish I would've noticed it sooner
  2. Nice stacks! It'd stack even harder if you hit it harder.
  3. "This Video is Private"
  4. Yeah you switched it to private. If you don't want random people seeing it put it as unlisted. That way you can still show people the link. If it's private only you can see it.
  5. Ok I fixed it
  6. Looks good OP
  7. Looks just like the one I bought! I love mine!

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  8. Wouldn't pay 350 tho imo.

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  9. Meh I'm happy with the price. I couldn't find this exact bong anywhere online but the same one single disc diffuser was 250 across the board, every site I checked, aqualab, and at the local shop. I pulled on both and the difference between the triple and single was like night and day. I narrowed it down to this one or the SOV g-line perc which was the same size, and felt like the same quality and it goes for ~$340 and IMO the diffusion with the triple disc is much better than the g-line. So maybe I overpaid by a little, maybe I didn't, but I'm very happy with it

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