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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by foCk, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. new pieces for spring break:

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  2. oooooh....I like it alot. :O
  3. second

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  4. third

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  5. fourth:

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  6. fifth:

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  7. oh shit imma be usin that in less than a week ! smokin 2 ounces of the diesel pimp shit !
  8. Lookin very nice. Local head shop or online?

  9. nice honeycomb dude
  10. local headshop and ya the honey comb part is the best part

  11. local head shop... I get real sketch about shipping anything to my house. I do a lot of shady bussiness and I just rather have the least amount of activity possible at my house so..... HEAD SHOP !
  12. man, u better watch ur back! im gonna come take that piece from u! im just kidding

    man that is phat

    but dont worry im gonan get one like it
    just u wait and c
  13. damn, i love the water pipe.......
  14. I wanna toke on it so bad but we are waiting until Spring Break starts... can't wait
  15. man everyones got that same slider for their bong!

    im in NC right now for spring break and i stopped in one of the head shops here to pick up a bowl (got a new sherlock, i'll post pics when i get home) and this headshop had a huge box filled with those sliders.. popular item i guess

  16. it was free so I'm not complaining. I would use the slider I use for my gravity bong but way too much weak shit has been toked outta that.

    what part of nc?
  17. im not saying that its a bad peice, just that i've seen a lot of them...

    im in charlotte staying with my friend in his apartment. and his '95 mustang GT can probably smoke your skyline ;)

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