New Study On Pot And Its Effects On The Brain. What Are Your Opinions On This?

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    "Seeing these differences raises a cautionary flag that we need to do more research."
    My thoughts?
    They need to do some more research. This is on a news website, not a medical one. & They only tested 40 people.
    That being said, like Bone Thugs & Harmony once said, "If reefer really makes you happy, nigga blaze it", Fuck the science
  2. Anything can be given a negative connotation really, i personally don't think this is a big deal, true or not. Marijuana has helped thousands and thousands of people in so many ways, and people who encourage western medicine consider weed a recreational drug and refuse to believe how it could be so beneficial. Think about it, doctors prescribe drugs that can be abused and cause physical dependence everyday, but because it's in the form of a pill they except it without question.
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  4. I couldnt of put it better.
  5. I read this yesterday and decided it was shit science when I read that the sample size was only 40 people.
  6. it isnt anything more than suggestive, and even that is debatable. not only were the 20 non smokers other drug (at least alcohol) users, there was twenty people. thats like a joke more than a study.

    waste of money for whoever funded it tbh, unless they funded it to make marijuana look bad to idiots, which i kinda doubt.
  7. It was also funded by the DEA. So right there, I automatically question its authenticity.
  8. Did they say anything about when I can expect my fuckin' orgy?!
    Remember, information at the onset is most often incorrect...Studies pertaining to weed haven't been given fair process in lab environments; but now they will, and eventually everyone will have to fess up to being completely oblivious to more pertinent problems.
    It isn't science, it is math...The numbers are the important game here.  The illogical nonsense of putting something that is virtually harmless through the ringers in an effort to prove an unprovable hypothesis is the reason shit like poverty, hunger, and debt doesn't get fixed.  Stop spending money on useless shit.
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