New Study On Pot And Its Effects On The Brain. What Are Your Opinions On This?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHasheeshEater420, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Double the cost of Medical???

    And there selling out????

    Pft. Id still be calling my dealer

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    study is basically re-highlighting old info that anti marijuana advocates have been touting forever now, obviously marijuana affects reward centers in the brain otherwise it wouldn't enjoyable, of course they dont lead to a real conclusion in the article or say if there was actually any "damage" or danger to the brain's of the people in the studies from doing so, only "abnormalities" which is a pretty vague term since even sugar affects the reward centers of the brain which could show "abnormal" results.
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    I'm pretty confused by this article to be honest, it didn't actually say anything substantial. I checked out the actual study and I can't decipher it for the life of me. 
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    That's how most "scientific studies" that pop up on news sites seem to be. I think they just assume people read the titles and not the articles? Cause yea, this article didn't even say anything; just a bunch of rambling with an irrelevant video. 
    Put more simply, "We noticed a difference between the brains of marijuana users and the brains of non-marijuana users. That's all we know." 

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