New study on MJ

Discussion in 'General' started by This Dude, May 10, 2008.

  1. Reading this bullshit gets me so fuckin angry, it really makes me hate our government and the way the country is run. I love how conservative politicians will argue all day fuckin long that MJ is a dangerous drug. Yet it has NEVER been linked to a single death. And tobacco has killed hundreds of thousands of people and it's still fucking legal.

    In fact a lot of these fuckin prick conservative republicans smoke ciggs, and I hope they fuckin die from it. That's probably what it would take to enlighten them.
  2. It probably has some truth to it, maybe not to their extent, though. I mean, I have depression and I do it. I have no clue if it is because of my depression that I tried it though. I seem to get a "mental addiction" to things faster though, not just marijuana. So the "dependancy" is bullshit but as far as mental addiction, it may be somewhat true. Just my thoughts. Don't -rep me for saying my thoughts anyone please! :D
  3. I don't doubt that more people that smoke mj have depression then those who don't..but that's the truth with any drug. Even alcohol. People use drugs when they are depressed but that doesn't mean that MJ caused the fuckin depression. And I highly doubt that %40 of people that smoke MJ have some sort of mental health issue.
  4. oh my god, people are going to abuse a DRUG?

    Drugs are drugs for a reason, don't scapegoat drugs for the problems of the mentally ill. Of course they are going to seek something that gives them euphoric effects.
  5. "mental addiction" is called habituation(prob wrong spelling). it's defined as a psychological dependency, but u can become habituated off anything, including water and m&m's (i know a kid who is). you take away the drug and give them a placebo, and tehy usaually cant tell the difference.
    an addiction is a phyisical dependency on soemthing. your body knows when you get taken off of it, and that's when it goes through withdral symptoms. vicoden and tobacco are addictive drugs and even heavy alcohol use (alot of fucking drinking for a long time). teh withdrawl symptoms actually hurt the body, since your body actually depended on taht drug to function normal, and can be fatal unlessd weend off of it.

    yea this article is some major ass bullshit

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