New Strobel Slide!!! (PICS!!!)

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    So I finally got my strobel slide in the mail and I couldn't be happier with it! This thing is soooooo amazing! it started out completely clean and like clear water with sand and now after a few uses its beginning to turn purple and blue with sand (its hard to see with the pics cause my dorm room blows for lighting)

    This bowl is literally like hitting out of a fishbowl and is amazinggg I can't even explain it! Thank you Dave Strobellllll!!!!!!!!! And thank fucking Smirnoff for providing me with boooooze!!!!





    tell me what you think!!
  2. Nice slide.
  3. thats tight, ive never seen a slide like that
  4. thats one of the most detailed slides i have ever seen every line on htose fishes had to be crazy to make, big props to strobel. And mad props for you for pickin it up, it is gotta be a pleasure to stare at it,lol.+rep if i can
  5. Thanks man!:wave:

    I've been waiting a while to get a hold of a slide like this:D

    Thanks man! I love the detail on this piece and it's seriously the coolest slide i've seen in person, even cooler than my hefe and roo slides, it's just so oceanic haha

    Blub Blub!!!!
  6. Wow! That is really awesome looking. :hello:
  7. I love it man. Was in the local shop the other day, and they had 2 strobel bongs, they were 12in at most, and were marked @ $275! I stared at them for like 20 minutes tho, they are crazy. Halfway up the bong theres like an ocean worked section... i dunno how to explain it wish I had pics, im sure u can visualize tho, with all the marbs on it
  8. dawg that shit is raw wherd u get it
  9. oh i can visualize man, trust me:smoking:


    This slide is awesome, I wish I could snipe a bong but this will have to's so amazing though the pictures cannot describe it!
  10. got it online from a guy who helps middleman really heady blowers:)
  11. very nice slide man, nice and unique. I already had to get my 3rd slide today because my last was yet again broken, and not by me, again! haha. but, next slide I get, I wanna look into getting something a bit more solid like what you have here
  12. pretty fuckin sweet, i love fish, got a few tanks, haha, i also love heady glass and live for hazey days.
  13. damn dude. I think that is going to be my next buy... strobel binger
  14. I appreciate it bro, I own quite a few slides and have never personally broken one either but I know what it feels like to have someone else break my stuff! Definitely go out and invest in something along these lines, you will not be unhappy with your decision!
    haha i can tell you're lifteddddddddddddd, thanks bro!!! I fucking loveeeeeeee the fish theme it's awesome!

    Fucking do it, i'd pick it up in an instant!!!
  15. Thats one very pretty ?
  16. yep 14.5, works perfectly in my RooR Mini.
  17. damn i really really like that bowl. And i mean its reallly hard for me to like a artsy bowls. ( just really like simple looking glass)

    How much did that run you if you dont mind me asking?
    and do you know where i could purchase one?

    Thanks mate and have fun with that shiiiit:smoking::wave::hello:
  18. + the set up breh

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