New strain suggestion? SATIVA?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boognish, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. hello potheads.

    I am well into flowering my first grow

    I used bag seed to get my feet wet, and I think I am ready to try a strain of something special.

    I think I am looking for something of the Sativa variety, not really the couch lock sorta guy......I like to toke up and do something active.

    This strain will try and live under a 400w MH and then HPS for flower
    Bubble bucket method
    Lucas formula for nutes

    I know Sativa is supposed to be tall..... but I would like to keep it short

    I have about a 5 foot ceiling in the veg room

    Purple buds have always fascinated me

    Any suggestions???
    And then, where and how can I get it?...(shipping to the US)
  2. not sure which strand to recommend, ive always been a fan of the purp too. check the seedbank section of the forum. attitude seeds seems to be the way to go, thats what ill be using. browse the site, check out the strands and see what catches your eye. good luck :smoking:

  3. The attitude seedbank is a great site, and they send you free seeds with your order. I got a free WW fem, and 5 free power skunk, and they ship to the states. As for your sativa, if you are really looking for awesome strains, Kali Mist, Jack Herer, C99, any variety of legit haze are a few of the elites that some say are almost hallucinogenic. Most purple buds are going to be indicas, even though there are exceptions.

  4. Purple star is a nice sativa/indica blend. cut it just a bit premature and it'll intensify the head high.
  5. amazing suggestions.......

    pretty much exactly what I was looking for

    a lot of seed banks do not give you a good way to browse through their catalog unless you know the exact name of the stuff you want

    thanks for the help

    any more out there?
  6. If you can find Purple Cindy, that would cover all the aspects you seek, a purple strain that is Sativa dom. It is available from Highgrade Seeds. Here is a grow diary of this strain by Earl, one of the best hydro growers I have seen areound the net.;action=display;num=1205102246

    I'm pretty sure this will fit your needs. I'm a big sativa fan myself, unfortantely, most Sativas are IBL's and grow kind of tall.

  7. The Romp19 has blueberry, romulan and peak19 in it and is Sativa to some degree (not sure how much), it doesn't produce purple leaves for the most part unless from cold.

    It stretches just a little bit and is manageable well, gives lots of bud and an active, do something high...

    I hate the lock as well.
  8. G13xHaze from Barney's farm is fairly Sativa dominant, and is probably the best I have ever smoked, it also won the Cannabis cup two years running. Not sure if they would ship outside of Europe though.
  9. don't forget about S.A.G.E from TH seeds!! you wont regret it!!!

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