New Strain growing for a Huge Yield!

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    So there is a new strain from Green House Seeds Co. called Kalashnikova. This Strain is so new that there are sometimes people getting some mutant seeds growing with three main leaves instead of two.
    I was lucky to get 3 Kalashnikova seeds without any mutations or anything :p.

    My grow has 6 2500k and 2 6500k CFLs.
    A green light to work during night times
    Fresh air coming from outside to the room (Brought by another bathroom exhaust fan and a long aluminum folding tube)
    Water PH: 5.5
    Room Temp: Day 82 F
    Night 73 F
    Humidity: 65% (Varies from day and night)
    Soil: Happy Frog (natural & Organic) Composted forest Humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano,humic acid and oyster shell and dolomite lime for PH control

    Have anybody experienced growing with this strain...
    My 3 ladies are really small and have been in the same pot since pre-veg for about 2 weeks and a half.
    I'm going to keep them in veg stage until they reach a better height but, what do you guys think about this set up and my ladies???
    They already are showing up sexes (females)
    first 2 pics of my ladies have weird leaves, the second picture the leaves are fat!

    Here are some pictures! Hope my set up helps a little for those people seeking help.

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    Blue Box is a Homemade A/C (I put Ice in that bad boy when needed)
    Blue bag to the left is an exhaust fan to bring air from outside to the room

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  3. Do these closet grows pay for themselves? Just curious.
  4. yes they can
  5. It looks like your growing off a section of converted attic space, if this is the case and you are already getting 83 during the day, you will really be battling heat in another month. be sure to run your light cycle during the night this will help
  6. We grew the Kalash last grow. Don't mean to be a downer but the buds came out very loose and airy, and very, very leafy. By comparison, the one Ice during the same grow came out WICKED awesome, extremely dense, potent, and even turned purple. Of course you could have different results, but that's my two cents.
  7. From my experience, I grew it out a few months ago. It was one of my first grows where the buds were dense and had some sort of smell to it. Buds were pretty nice. Up until a few plants after that it was one of my favorites. Unfortunately spicy white devil took that spot, but Kalashnikova gave me my highest yields. Only one plant LST super crop and topped a few times, she gave me 2.25 oz. The LST was choking some branches so that definitely had some effect on overall yield.
  8. I heard it wasnt that great compared to real white russian
  9. Its not a new strain I had a free seed last march i grew for a outdoor grow but got eaten up by bugs. Sounds like it should be a good strain ww x ak47 but I kinda skeptical on all of green house genetics

  10. If done properly, they sure do!
    I grew a plant last year, it was just a seed from some random batch, anyway it grew pretty nice without any issue other than lots of stress (it was my first grow). But at the end, it gave me enough buds for 3 blunts and a half! :D

    I know it might sound ridiculously low to some but that plant had so much stress during its life cycle from heat, lots of water, not enough light, too much light, practically 20% moisture and no nutrients.
    The closet really helped out in keeping what was left of moisture in the air, and lots of air flow.
    I was so thankful with my lady for still giving me something back haha.

  11. Yes. And you are right!
    Thanks a lot for the comment, apparently that was the only thing that did not cross my mind to lower the temperature :laughing:

    But how do I change the light cycle without causing the stress. I bet the ladies are going to be like WTF just happened!!!???
    Would just changing the times for light and day cause any significant problems?
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    This is the first time I try growing with "name" seeds, if that makes sense.
    The set up is very close to the set up used by Green House Seeds. Their Kalashnikova plant by harvest ended up with 2.78 pounds of bud, so I believe they will yield a lot of bud for me.
    This is their Kalash video.

    I can also not get much because this strain shows mutations sometimes but will see.

  13. Yes, I'm also a little skeptical because there are mutations from this strain like when seedling it grows with 3 leafs instead of 2. But at the same time if grown with the right environment and nutrients, I believe it can become one of your favorite strains.
    I've had a few lady bugs get sucked by the exhaust fan into the grow closet so I'm not worried about leaf eating bugs at this moment luckily :D

  14. I just saw your Kalash Journal, MAN those plants looked like they were going to have the bud you hoped for! I seriously can't wait until my plants are ready to flower.
    Great job anyway in that grow, those buds looked frrrooooossty. Is it danky dank???

    I will post more pics in a few days, you inspired me for this grow lol
  15. 3 plants have grown the true Cannabis leaves! Flowering stage is just days closer. No problems so far other than just temperature fluctuation. Hopefully there aren't hot ass days any sooner
  16. Indoor ive never had any problems with bugs but in there grow video they veg there plants for a long time and probably use 1000w to flower them thats how they got so much bud :smoke:

    Should be a good grow since you got your first out of the way and closet grows can yield well I saw a ounce on here in a pc I can did up the link if you want. Anyway to get the most bud in a small grow you should scrog you will be happy you did just takes a little longer in veg.

    As for the mutant seedlings one of my best plants started with half leaves and twisted like crazy but turned into a monster would have never guessed it started that way.

    The best part about growing from seed is hoping you have a crazy mutant :D
  17. So the inside of the humidifier some kind of yellow mucus crap have developed, here are some pics. Hopefully is not the starting of mold problems because I don't want to have to deal with that shit!
    What do you guys think?...

    But the plants are looking healthy! Is just days closer to flowering stage!

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  18. :D yes, you can only hope it is some crazy power ranger mutation!
    And as for the video, your totally right, maybe adding a few more lights will be better but the room is already hot during day hours. Will see how the temp turns out later today that I changed their dark period during the day.

    Sorry for the newb question but whats scrog?

  19. If you are going to change the light cycle, extend the old dark period until the required start time for the new day cycle. This will not cause any problems or stress to the plants.

  20. curious, what kind of humidity do you have without running a humidifier?

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