New strain "BG"

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever grown Bubble gum? Just thought it sounded sweet. Why kind of soil does she like? Will she do ok under CFL for both flowering and veg?
  2. It's weed.
  3. Ur a dooish..
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    Hi AK, I doubt Aliquid was trying to be a douche. I'm pretty sure his comment was meant to be taken literally, while being a bit sarcastic at the same time. I think what he's saying is that Cannabis is not very picky. While some tend to do better than others in different set ups, you can use any method you wish.

    In addition, there are so many strains, from so many vendors, with so many names that it's impossible to know any specific needs (outside the basic needs of any Cannabis plant) based on the information you gave.

    That said, figure out the best growing method that suits your lifestyle, and your plants will adapt. I suggest browsing the grow journals for a method you like. My preference is a simple Hempy Sea of Green, like this:


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