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New strain "accident"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Brassman27, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. sup fellas,

    so i head over my usual club, nothing outta the ordinary. turns out they got this "accident" weed right? I'm like, "well, is it a good accident?" the girl goes "it's...amazing". so I get and 8 of it and it's called SNOW WRECK. I'm all "woah! there's tons of red hairs on it". The woman said that they were trying to cross snow cap w/ train wreck and got this awesome accident. has anyone else tried this strain or do I have something kinda unheard of? :D
  2. I've heard of snow wreck.

    By accident I thought you meant a volunteer.

    I'm told a volunteer is when a seed grows on a plant in a garden, falls to the ground and sprouts itself. If that sprout is planted and grown... you have some volunteer herb.

    If the plant wasnt purposfully mated with a male, you'll have either a hermaphrodite clone seed or a mix of the mother with whatever random male's pollen got to the plant.
  3. how is that an acident if they were rtyin to cross those 2 strains and they did? lol
  4. i dont understand, why was the word accident ever involved in that? i mean they crossed it and got a dank strain called snow wreck so where the "accident" term coming from. I mean if that was the case, wouldn't all buds be called "accidents"

    no hating on you or anything man, i would actually love to try that strain, sounds fantastic, just saying.
  5. Yeah same thing, sounds dank as fuck but the name Snow Wreck is a blend of both of the strand names and they were obviously successful with it. :confused:
  6. ^^to all ya,

    so that's what i was thinking, "accident??" can it be an accident if it has a name and crossed between those? but like Lebowski said, it could be a rogue seed of some strain that was pollenated with something not on purpose.

    Anyway, the stuff is DANK.
  7. When u create a new strain by crossing 2 plants u wil get a variety of phenotypes when u plant u'r seeds. U then cross back with the mother or father to get a stable strain. What he means by accident is probalby one off the plants wich grew from the seeds off the first cross produced a unique plant with a special phenotype, not what they wanted but a great plant with great buds nonetheless so hence an accident.
  8. ive tried snow cap a couple times (me gusta. for a relatively unknown i was very impressed) and train wreck a bunch.

    both are indeed blazeworthy.
  9. Im drunk, and snow wreck sounds delicious right now!

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