New straight tube (more pictures down page 1!!!)

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    so i had 80 bucks in my pocket yesterday and i was going to go to kaboom in san francisco but i had been wanting another bong for a long time so i decided to say fuck kaboom and i went to berkeley with a few friends. we got to big al's smoke shop and instantly i knew which bong i was going to buy. i saw a small glass straight tube that looked like a very sturdy little piece, expecially because they only had one with an extra wide base because the blower accidentally put the base on that would be meant for a 2 foot tube. price was marked at 75 but i got it down to 50 with a diffused downstem and smaller sized bowl because i didnt like the larger one it came with. the only reason i got this deal mind you is i have bought wayyyy too much stuff from their store and i have gotten to know them very well. o and they also threw in a 2 piece sharp stone grinder for 5 bucks (i dont like the 4 piece ones anyway so it was a win imho). my buddy got an extract pipe also and we smoked a few bowls of his la confidential oil. mmmm tastey.

    well anyways, i almost forgot the reason i was posting this and i was like damn this bong gets me high and i remembered it. :smoking: lol. so here it is: the new bong:


  2. im think of getting something near this small then putting a showerhead downstem in it
  3. yeah im planning on getting a custom showerhead done by glasstifarian along with an ice pinch bowl. im probably going to add some sort of ash catcher in the next few weeks but we shall see
  4. Cool, I just wanted to make sure you know. I just would have hated for you to say Damn, wish I saw that :smoke:
  5. ok so i just noticed the joint is offset on my bong which, in turn, makes my downstem protrude more to the left of the bong while looking at it from the side with the joint. i really wish i would have noticed this the other day because i probably would have gone with something different. who the hell really cares tho. it works and it gets me high as shit so im very pleased with my purchase.
  6. alright so heres some new pix of my bong. i need to think of a name too so suggestions would be nice.



    better picture of bong:


    picture of fucked up joint...:


    feedback please!!!! and possible names!!! (yes im thinking of them myself at the moment!)

    thanks in advance GC!
  7. no advice on names or advice on what i should do about the fact that my bong is bent hella bad?



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