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  1. Shwayze. I've known about these dudes for like 6 months, but their album just recently came out and they have and MTV show so they are getting a lot of press. If you listen to any of their tracks, its obvious this is some good shit to blaze to, but recently in an interview they proclaimed themselves to be the new "west coast stoner music." I like when bands come out with an album solely to make good music and because it would be chill to blaze to. Give it up for Shwayze.:hello:

  2. +Rep for being a Shwayze fan!
    I love em' their album is what I have been blazing to recently.
    Cisco throws down infectious hooks on nearly every song, and Shwaz does his thing with some pretty good rhyming skills. I read the interview when they proclamed themselves "West coast stoner music", I totally agree. You get that Malibu vibe, mixed with lyrics about girls, herb, and livin' the life. Shwayze is the music for my lifestyle :D
  3. There songs make me happy/chill/relaxed, etc when Im in a shit mood. Good tunes for sure! Buzzin and High Together being my fav 2 so far but I mean Lazy Day is cool.
  4. This thread has inspired me to give em a listen for sure. :)

    In your opinion, which would be the best album of theirs to start off with if I am going to get one?
  5. Shwayze is awesome. So easy listening, it just flows.
  6. shwayze is soo legit. hollywood is awesome.

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