New stoner from Florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ryachu, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hi guys! My name is Ryachu and I'm from Florida. I'm hoping to meet some fellow stoners since no one I know smokes around here -.-
  2. whereabouts in florida?

    welcome, i just joined recently and am post whoring like a motherf-er
  3. Studying in Central Florida here

    Originally from South Florida :cool:
  4. I'm from Jacksonville :)
  5. AHHHH! Let's have a meet and greet! I'm between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine!
  6. Oh haha that sounds awesome :)
  7. South Florida > North Florida. Welcome to GC
  8. I'm from Florida too!
    Im always down to meet up with fellow smokers.
  9. Sounds like all the Florida stoners need to get together and have a huge smoke sesh :smoke:
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    Sick bro, I'm in Clermont Florida!
  11. I know there are people in Jacksonville who smoke. But we have to be all secretive cause it's illegal. If I could smoke a blunt outside, instead of holed up in my bathroom with the shower on, I'm sure I'd meet people who smoke around here. Damn you anti-weed propaganda!
  12. I'm new here too, but I live in PSL. I am definitely looking for new friends if there's anybody near by!

  13. hey im from jacksonville and im in mandrin, bartram to be exact and i need a new dealer cuz mine just got jumped and is dry and some other guy ik thinks im an idiot and want 35 bucks a gram..... help a fellow stoner ? please? lol
  14. I'm in Groveland and just started smoking about a year ago for medical reasons. Had no idea what I was missing.

  15. Amen to that!:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. Hey everyone, i'm a cop, ehem i mean yeah let's all meet up and smoke some weed...

    Don't do it bro, take it easy, you still have a choice
    I never had a choice
    dad left me, ma died when I was twelve all I got left is sally J and you know she doesn't want me
    I want you
    Carla Joe?
    Yes, it's me
    Carla, What are you saying this for?
    I love you billy, I always have
    You're talking nonsense carla
    Every night since I was just a little girl i've dreamt about you
    No you haven't your making this up
    You were naked
    Carla, stop
    I licked the chocolate off your shaft
    Carla, I SAID STOP
    When I think about you...
    I touch myself.

  17. PSL? Where's that by? I live in Pinellas County.:smoke:
  18. That's pretty cool, I used to live in Groveland but I moved to Clermont a couple years ago, it's too flat for me. What's your medical condition?

  19. Tallahassee, here! What's up?
  20. I did the opposite. Lived in Clermont for 20 years and then moved to Groveland. I had pancreatic cancer and have alot of complications from that surgery and all of the surgeries since then.

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